Binbougami ga! (First Impressions)

So they say “Good fortune smiles upon thee”… I think, I don’t know the exact phrase. But what will happen when fortune no longer smiles upon thee?

Binbougami ga! is an anime produced by Sunrise, which is adapted from the manga by Sukeno Yoshiani. In the town of Butsumetsu, 16-year old Ichiko Sakura couldn’t have a life better than her current life: Popularity at school, charming good looks, voluptuous titties, great at sports, studious, the list goes on. Momiji Binbouda, a goddess of poverty, is sent to the human realm to relieve Ichiko of her good fortune, and to stop her from absorbing the good fortune of others around her, which is causing an imbalance of happiness energy and unhappiness energy in the world. At first, Ichiko doesn’t care, until her butler, Kikunoshin Suwano, is rushed to the hospital for an emergency heart surgery because of his unhappiness energy building up due to Ichiko sucking his happiness energy away. Using the happiness energy Momiji sucked from her, Ichiko takes it to the hospital to not only save Suwano’s life, but spread good fortune across the town. However, all that happiness energy Ichiko released actually went back to her, meaning Momiji’s job isn’t quite done yet.

How the heck do I begin to describe this show? I don’t know, but I’m gonna try. This show is weird… and pretty damn funny. After watching the first two episodes, I’m sure that this will be something worth watching this season, for the comedy and anime references alone.

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