Sword Art Online #2: Who says “There are no girls on the internet?”

Yes, an actual female on the internet, people. Not like that GIRL (Guy In Real Life) from the previous episode.

Anyway, I’ve decided that I’ll blog Sword Art Online. Hopefully this doesn’t turn out like Accel World.

So it’s been a month into SAO, 2,000 players have been killed and the first floor hasn’t even been completed yet. A group of players set up a meeting to formulate a battle strategy for the first boss. Now, cue the OP: The opening theme is “Crossing field” by LiSA. I gotta say, this theme sounds pretty damn good.

OK, so the meeting starts with a player named Diabel introducing himself. His “job” is a knight, even there’s no job system in the game. 😛 Anyway, Diabel announces that his party found the boss room and they need to defeat the boss, reach the second floor and inform the other players that it’s possible to win the game. Everyone agrees and divides the party into teams of six. Kirito gets himself left out but finds another player named Asuna who was left out herself and they form a team.

Afterwards, a player named Kibaou interrupts and calls out the beta testers, holding them responsible for the first 2,000 casualties. The beta testers took all of the easier quests, giving the beginners little opportunity to grow stronger, and Kibaou asks for compensation. Another player named Egil shows him a guidebook that was compiled of informations that beta testers had gathered during the beta period and any player can go to an item store and grab it for free, which renders Kibaou’s argument invalid.

The guidebook contains info about the first boss, Illfang the Kobold Lord. Illfang has helpers known as Ruin Kobold Sentinels, his main weapons are an axe and buckler, and after losing three of his four health bars, he switches those out for a Talwar, and his attack pattern changes as well.

Yeah, that’s right. Cream. What were you expecting, butter? That aside, that cream sure is an odd thing to get after completing a sidequest.

So Kirito and Asuna share a late-night snack. Which brings me to something that’s probably been bugging most people since this anime started: How can their real bodies survive? Well, my assumption is that the NerveGear puts the user in some kind of a comatose state, or something like that.

Anyway, the next day, the party heads to Aincrad Tower and begin their battle with the boss.

Too bad these bosses don’t have their Boss Subtitles appearing right on the bottom of the screen instead of on their heads.

During the battle, Kirito notices that Asuna fights pretty well for a beginner. After the party gets Illfang to its last health bar, Diabel rushes in to begin his attack. However, Kirito notices that the weapon Illfang is using is not a Talwar, but a Nodachi. It used a Talwar in the beta test period. He tries to warn them but Diabel gets mortally injured. As it turns out Diabel was a beta tester too. He wanted to get the rare item that’s given to the player who deals the finishing blow to Illfang.

Um… Potion in your hand? Hello? You probably could’ve saved his life with that.

After Diabel dies, Kirito reflects on how Diabel did the opposite of what he did. Instead of focusing only on his own survival, Diabel rallied the players together and led them. Kirito and Asuna team up to attack, but Kirito gets hit himself, and Egil’s team holds him off until he recovers.

Already confirmed for Bro-tier

Kirito gets back up and he and Asuna finishes off Illfang.

*hums Final Fantasy victory theme* …Wait a tick. Congratulation? One letter short, perhaps? Well, at least it’s not “Conglaturation”…

Since Kirito dealt the last attack, he gets the rare item Diabel was talking about: The Coat of Midnight. After that, Kibaou calls out Kirito for knowing about Illfang’s changed attack patterns and not telling anyone when Diabel took point. He figures out that he was a beta tester and tells for all the other beta testers to show themselves. Kirito does his best Light Yagami impersonation and tells everyone that the 1,000 beta testers were no different from the newcomers. He made the most progress out of all of them and he knew about Illfang’s new attacks because he fought monsters with similar skills. So the entire team calls him a beater (beta test cheater). That’s a pretty lousy term, if you ask me.

So after donning his new black badass longcoat, Kirito heads to the next floor by himself and takes Asuna out of his party. So much for teamwork…

So according to word of mouth, some things from the light novel source materal were omitted. Since I’ve never read the light novels, I don’t know how much was cut out. Either way, I enjoyed the episode and am looking forward to the next.

Rudolph’s gonna show up? But Christmas isn’t for another five months!

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