Pokémon BW2 #5: Re-Enter the Dragonite

A long time ago, two very powerful dragons waged war against each other. Their deadly duel ravaged the world around them. Distracted by the commotion around them, one of them was severly injured and brought down by the other dragon.

What, did you think I was talking about Reshiram and Zekrom? Hell no, I was talking about Dragonite and Hydreigon.

OK, so here’s the thing: Ash and his friends are still at Cynthia’s villa, training for the Pokémon World Tournament – Junior Cup. Dawn is with them now. The last time we’ve seen her was in the Pokémon Diamond & Pearl special that aired last year. Her current team consists of Piplup, Buneary, Pachirisu, Mamoswine, Quilava, and Togekiss.

So anyway, there’s been a power outage that was caused by Dragonite attacking the power plant. This particular one is known across the town for battling strong Pokémon. The local Officer Jenny shows up looking for Cynthia and ask her for her help in stopping it, but she’s in Lacunosa Town preparing for the tournament. Iris doesn’t believe that a Dragonite would do something like that and the group follows Jenny to the plant, with Meloetta tailing them.

Meanwhile, the Dragonite has secluded itself into the power plant control room, blocking the way inside. The group arrives and Iris convinces Jenny to let her talk to Dragonite. They all head to the control room via air duct, except for Cilan who’s too big to fit inside.

Piplup sure is enjoying the view.

They find the Dragonite and from the looks of it, it’s wing is wounded. Iris concludes that the injury didn’t come from the Magnemite.Iris tries to ask it why it’s here, but Dragonite ignores her and rages again.

I must’ve missed this when it happened, but apparently Oshawott had learned Hydro Pump in one of the episodes I didn’t blog.

But Meloetta comes in and sings its song, calming Dragonite down. As Ash and Dawn head back outside to inform Jenny, Dragonite becomes irritated by its wound and attacks again, trapping Iris, Piplup and Oshawott inside. However, Jenny has already called forth some of Undella Town’s top trainers to force it out.

So through… something, I don’t know exactly, Iris learns that it was injured while protecting the Pidove’s forest from a Hydreigon attack. It sought refuge into the nearby plant to rest, where it accidentally crashed into the plant. Since it’s not often that a Dragonite is seen in the area, most people believe it to be dangerous. Ash, Cilan and Dawn head to the forest and find a video camera that had recorded the battle and shows the footage to Jenny, allowing her to call off her attack.

After taking Dragonite to the Pokémon Center to get it treated, Iris commends it for protecting the Pidove before it sets off…

…but instead decides it wants to go with Iris.

So Iris caught a Dragonite. Awesome! Maybe Cilan will catch a previous gen Pokémon too. One can hope.

Meanwhile, some bad news is afoot…

Team Rocket seems to have finished what they been doing since the season started. It seems to involve the Abyssal Ruins, and juding by what they said, Giovanni may probably be showing up sooner than I thought…

Next time: The Pokémon World Tournament – Junior Cup begins! YEH!!

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