Pokémon BW2 #6: Junior Cup Begins! Round 1, Start

So here we are. It’s the start of the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup! Here we go.

So rival reintroductions aside, let’s get to the fun, shall we?

We start off with an 10-minute special exhibition match between Cynthia and Caitlin to kick off the tournament. Cynthia uses Garchomp while Caitlin uses Gothitelle. Gothitelle starts off with a Psywave and Psychic to attack Garchomp. Once Garchomp gets back up, it uses Dragon Rush to attack and finishes with a collision of attacks with Draco Meteor/Thunderbolt and Brick Breaks before time runs out.

Round 1

As usual, the writers know Burgundy sucks and make her lose in the first round. I’m not surprised.

Trip (Serperior) VS Burgundy (Darmanitan)
Serperior uses Galre to paralyze Darmanitan finishes with SolarBeam. Trip wins.

Unnamed Guy with Glasses (Heatmor) VS Unnamed Guy with Hat (Golett)
Guy with Glasses wins.

Unnamed Muscle Guy (Galvantula) VS Cilan (Pansage)
We just see Pansage finishing off Galvantula with SolarBeam. Cilan wins.

Unnamed Sailor Guy (Cinccino) VS Unnamed Shonen-Haired Guy (Zebstraika)
Sailor Guy wins.

Unnamed Purple-Haired Girl (Karrablast) VS Ash (Leavanny)
We see Leavanny finish off Karrablast with Energy Ball. Ash wins.

Unnamed Green Vest Guy (Reunculus) VS Unnamed Twintail Girl (Sawsbuck)
Green Vest Guy wins. Boo, I wanted Twintail Girl to win!

Unnamed Fellow (Stoutland) VS Dawn (Piplup)
We see Piplup finish off Stoutland with Drill Peck. Dawn wins.

Well, these battles were pretty lame. Not even the named characters get a battle that last a minute. And Burgundy’s too pathetic to win against anyone nowadays. OK, moving on…

The only battle in this episode that last more than two minutes, aside from Cynthia VS Caitlin.

Georgia (Beartic) VS Iris (Dragonite)
Beartic starts off with a Hidden Power. Iris commands Dragonite to dodge the attack, but instead it just stands its ground and brush off the attack. It does the same to Beartic’s Focus Blast. Dragonite won’t listen to Iris and just sits there, even as Bearctic freezes it with an Ice Beam. Although it manages to break out and withstand even a Blizzard attack long enough to deliver a ThunderPunch to Beartic, knocking it out.

And that concludes Round 1. Pokémon Best Wishes! Season 2 will be taking the next two weeks off, and then the Quarterfinals.

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