Eureka Seven AO #15: Secrets of the World

That feel when your favorite shows go on break for a few weeks.

So… Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean‘s getting a break too. Just when I decide to stop slacking off, this happens. Great…

I’m asking the same question to Bones. Why, Bones? Why are you trying to create a love triangle? It just won’t work in Eureka Seven!

The episode starts with Ao having a very strange dream about Naru leaving him for Truth. Anyway, he’s been working overtime and Alex scolds him for not getting enough sleep, because the IFOs demands its pilots to not be dead tired. Speaking of overtime, Ivica’s been looking into how the Secrets have been more and more knowledgable about humans and the Japanese government’s announcements that the Scub Corals are the real invaders and Secrets are destroying them.

So a health screening is going on at Generation Bleu. Before their screening, Fleur asks “Elena” about her strange attitude towards Eureka, which leads her to answer with this.

Today on “Spot That Anime Reference”…

As it turns out, Hannah organized this health screening just so she can examine Ao. Whatever her reason, it seems to relate to the conversation she had with Eureka a few episodes back. Ao meets with Gazelle to recieve sleeping pills. It turns out he hasn’t been able to sleep well because Spirit Eureka’s words about Secrets not being the enemy was on his mind lately. And Chloe and Noa had overheard them.

Meanwhile, a conference is being held, concerning the Secret remains that was recovered. This Secret emits a radio signal which the Japanese government has been able to decode and send it back to it to allow communication between the two.

So another Scub Coral has become active and a Secret has appeared, of course. Team Pied Piper is sent out, and they see that the Secret is humanoid-shaped.

Homing lasers? This seems familiar…

Long-range weaponry prove useless against it, so Ao takes the Nirvash Mark 1 to attack it at close-range. However, it shoots homing lasers at him. Yeah, you remember homing lasers from the first series, where they always used to dodge those things. Yeah, that doesn’t work here as Nirvash Mark 1 is unable to avoid them and is taken down. Team Goldilocks, along with Gazelle, is later sent in to help Team Pied Piper. Although the two teams defeat the secret and retrieve Ao, the other plants aroung the world become active as well, each confired to have Quartz.

Nice call back to episode 6 there.

So Ao wakes up with Chloe nearby. She shows him footage of a Coral plant in Norway, where she and Maev are from. Soon after Chloe’s birth, her family emigrated there from Ireland to work at the plant. It turns out her reason for fighting is to protect her loved ones.

Gazelle comes in and informs the two that they’ve been ordered to scramble. Before he leaves, Gazelle tells Ao that he thinks that these strange events have been occuring becuase of Eureka’s appearance. Ao doesn’t want to believe that’s true. Another Secret has appeared and the Pied Piper pilot trio is told to standby as Georg analyzes the Secret’s radio signal and sends the data to HQ. However, the Secret hacks into Georg and tells them that its purpose is to exterminate Scubs from the world and destroy the Quartz. As it turns out, a giant Quartz disappeared from the Scub in Okinawa ten years ago.

Christophe gets patched through to the U.S. Secretary of State and tells him that the activation of the Scubs was caused by the Quartz and that they’ve been collecting Quartz and is planning to use them to wipe out every single Secret in the world.

Still, things are getting more and more and more confusing. I hope things will get explained soon. And next episode, Eureka seems to be showing up again. I think. Urgh, these breaks that some of my shows are taking are gonna get annoying. Screw you, Olympics!

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