Toonami hits Lucky 7 with Samurai 7 and Eureka Seven, Deadman Wonderland musings

Remember when I said Toonami’s full of surprises? Well, it still is! In an rather unexpected piece of news, Toonami revealed in a promo that aired during Deadman Wonderland‘s finale not only to promote Samurai 7‘s debut, but Eureka Seven‘s return, both of which are beginning next week.

Originally airing on [adult swim] back in 2006, Eureka Seven follows the story of Renton Thurston, a 14-year old boy who is bored out of his skull with normal life. As anyone would expect, the call to adventure comes crashing down on him (literally) in the form of a giant robot and its pilot, a girl named Eureka. Having immediately fallen for the young girl, Renton follows Eureka and ends up joining the anti-military faction Gekkostate.

Why I haven’t rewatched this sooner is beyond me, but what with it returning to [adult swim]/Toonami, the time has come for me to relive this great series. One can hope that this will eventually lead into Toonami getting Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean as well.

To make room for Eureka Seven‘s return, some schedule changes had to be made. Eureka Seven airs after Casshern Sins, pushing Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex back a half-hour, and out goes Cowboy Bebop. Be sure to give thanks to Jason DeMarco on Twitter. He’s the one who’s making this all happen.

By the way, did you guys check out the trends on Twitter last night? Well, if you didn’t, then the demand was pretty high for Deadman Wonderland to have an American-produced second season in the same way The Big O got one. It flopped in its original Japanese broadcast, but it performs well here. Also, don’t forget that on October 9, Deadman Wonderland will release on DVD (DVD-only due to Kadokawa’s policies on releasing recent titles on Blu-Ray internationally). It will contain the entire 12-episode series uncut and uncensored (I can’t wait to hear Minatsuki’s record-breaking F-bombs uncensored!), plus an DVD-exclusive OVA episode. If you guys want Deadman Wonderland S2 to happen, be sure to show your support.

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