Buying Digital or Retail?

So New Super Mario Bros. 2 was just released today and it is the first Nintendo 3DS game to be sold not only in-store, but as a digital downloadable title via the eShop.

There doesn’t appear to be any major incentive for buying one format over the other. Both formats are the same price. Some stores have a preorder bonus for buying the retail version, like GameStop gives out a Gold Mario pin for online preorders. There’s also a double coin bonus from Club Nintendo if for buying the digital version and doing the survey. I’ve eventually settled upon buying the digital, just to get the feel of owning a full size, and for the double coin bonus from Club Nintendo.

New Super Mario Bros. 2‘s size is 2950 blocks, which equals to about 370MBs, and that’ll take up at least a sixth of a 2GB SD card (Included with every 3DS. The 3DS XL, which was also released today, includes a 4GB card). Compared to Resident Evil: Revelations and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D, (both of which are at least 3GBs), that’s nothing. As for me…

As you can see, I’ve downloaded a fair amount of stuff from the eShop since its initial launch and with the 2GB card, there just isn’t enough room for New Super Mario Bros. 2 without deleting anything. I had to buy a larger SD card, and now I feel like I can download every single 3DS Download Software on the eShop.

I did a “survey” with some of my 3DS friends via SwapNote, asking them if they were planning on buying retail or digital. Out of the 16 that replied: 12 said they were buying Retail, 3 for Digital, and one were planning to buy both formats (More power to him. 😛 ).

I don’t really know what factors that digital downloadable version of video games will have in the future, like whether or not physical retail games will get phased out eventually, but as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t seem that way to me. It seems to be up to one’s personal preference.

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