Sword Art Online #6 & #7: Love, Marriage, Crystal Dragons and Tsundere Blacksmiths

All of these unimportant, no-named people? They are all going to die. All of them.

OK, the reason for the lateness was because the source that said Sword Art Online would be on olympic break last week was apparently wrong. Great. Anyway, the week off made me realize some stuff about this show, which I’ll get to in a moment.

OK so Episode 6 begins where Episode 5 left off, with Yolko getting backstabbed and then falling to her immediate death. Kirito manages to get a look at the black-cloaked assailant and tries to give chase, but the person uses a teleportation crystal to get away.

Schmidt notes that the robe belonged to Griselda and that he believes that her ghost has returned to get her revenge. Kirito doesn’t think it’s a ghost, but it’s someone who know how to kill someone without breaking the system rules.

This proves it. The Inn walls have a better chance of survival than the actual players.

So while they’re pondering who the murderer is, Asuna gives Kirito a sandwich that she made, which has almost zero durability. I think that means it’s gonna go bad soon. But he drops the sandwich and it disintegrates the second it hits the floor. During his orz moment, his Bat Deduction kicks in and realizes that what they saw the other day wasn’t what it appeared to be…

Meanwhile, Schmidt is at Griselda’s grave, pleading for forgiveness when…


Nah, the rabbit ain’t the culprit.

Two cloaked figures appear before Schmidt, revealing themselves to be Kains and Yolko. As Kirito figured out, they are alive. A player’s HP can’t be lost, but the endurance of their objects can. Recalling Kains’s apparent murder: The spear was actually draining his armor’s durability. What they actually saw disintegrate was Kains’s armor. He teleported the very second his armor gave out. The visual effect of an object durability dropping to zero is very similar to that of a player’s death, which is perfect for staging a murder. As for Yolko: She hid a dagger in her back when they were talking, not turning her back to them and keeping tabs on her equipment’s endurance. And moments before her equipment gave out, she pretended to be struck down by an outside attack. Kirito believes that the black-cloaked person had to be Kains. They were both planning this in order to uncover Griselda’s real murderer.

Anyway back to Schmidt, Klains, and Yolko as they are attacked by a guild of three serial killers known as Laughing Coffin. Kirito arrives and drives off the trio and asked Kains and Yolko about the weapons Grimrock forged. Although he did agree in forging them, he was at first reluctant to do so not because to avenge Griselda, but because PKs in safe zones would attract too much attention.

Quick flashback with Kirito and Asuna talking about how no one in SAO knows whom item drops for. Also, marriages in the game also allow two players to share their inventory. Which brings them to talk abut how when a spouse dies, the other remaining spouse takes control of all items in both storages, meaning the ring Griselda had should be in Grimrock’s storage.

As it turns out, Grimrock hired Laughing Coffin to kill Schmidt, Klains and Yolko. Asuna captures Grimrock and brings him forth to explain his reason. As it turns out, Grimrock and Griselda were married in real life as well. When they both started SAO, Grimlock became filled with despair from being trapped in a game where he’s in danger of losing his life, but Griselda’s personality changed in a way that Grimrock barely recognized her.

Remember, kids: Murdering someone in real life is bad. Murdering someone in SAO is A-OK!

Schmidt, Klains and Yolko apprehend Grimrock and as Kirito and Asuna departs as well, the ghost of Grieslda sees them off.

Episode 7 begins with Kirito paying a visit to the newest unfortunate victim character, a blacksmith named Lisbeth, asking to have a weapon custom made with stats simiar to his current weapon, Elucidator. After Liz shows him a light-weighted sword, the best sword she forged apparently, he decides to test its durability.

I’m pretty sure he’s gotta pay for breaking that sword…

So after a brief bickering of “My sword can beat up your sword”, Liz accompanies Kirito to Floor 55 where they must obtain a rare metal dropped from a dragon.

I was gonna call this guy Kyurem, but I figured that it might be made of crystals and not ice.

They head to the cold mountains where they encounter the dragon they need to find. Kirito manages to damage it, but Lisbeth gets in the way of the dragon’s attack, blowing them both into a trap hole. GAME OVER Nah, they’re fine, but there doesn’t seem to be a way out and teleportation crystals are no good. So Kirito thinks of the idea of running up the wall, Prince of Persia-style…

Deshi Basara Basara, Deshi Basara Basara, Deshi Basara Basara, Deshi Basara Basara, Deshi Basara Basara, Deshi Basara Basara, Deshi Basara Basara, Deshi Basara Basara

…but that idea, along with Kirito, falls flat. So they decide to spend the night in the hole while they figure a way out. Kirito mentions that he tried to save Liz out of fear of dying alone.

The next day, Kirito manages to find the metal they were looking for buried underneath the snow. As it turns out, the hole Kirito and Liz is in isn’t a trap, but the dragon’s nest. And the item they have in their hand is dragon shit. The dragon returns and Kirito and Liz hitch a ride on it to make their escape from its nest.

This is nice. Almost makes you forget that you’re probably falling to your deaths.

Anyway, back to the shop: Using the dragon shit, Liz forges it into a sword named Dark Repulsor. Instead of payment, Liz just asks for her to be Kirito’s personal blacksmith. Asuna comes in, who had referred Kirito to Liz. Before he departs, Kirito thanks Liz for heling him realize the importance of surviving alongside close ones and as it turns out, she was looking for the same thing. OK, I guess she doesn’t die after all. 😀

This show is starting to be like the first half of Casshern Sins. You know how Casshern meets a person that has little to no relevance to the plot, he socializes with that person, and that person dies at the end of the episode. Now replace Casshern with Kirito and you got yourselves a few episodes of Sword Art Online in a nutshell, which is probably don’t really care much for most side characters. This show started out great, now it’s starting to lose its steam. As long as it doesn’t turn into another borefest like Accel World, it’ll be worth watching to the end.

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