Sword Art Online #8: Wagout Wabbit Season

Y’know if cooking in real life was as easy as cooking in SAO, then I would be cooking almost every single day.

So I hear, apparently the plot starts this episode. Funny considering that there hasn’t been one since the second episode.

Yeah, good luck find home in… whatever the bloody hell kinda place you’re in right now.

Nearly two years has passed since the game of life and death called Sword Art Online has begun. So as Kirito continues his solo journey, he stumbles upon a Ragout Rabbit. After killing it, it drops an S-Class meat item which he takes to sell. Egil suggests that he eats it instead, but neither his nor Kirito’s cooking skill level are good enough.

Kirito, just because Asuna’s a female doesn’t always mean she knows how to cook. You’ll be lucky if she can make a sandwich.

In enters Asuna and her escort, Kuradeel. Since she maxed out her cooking skill level, she offers her services to him. As Kirito and Asuna head to her place to cook the meat, Kuradeel has his reservations about Asuna hanging around with a beater like Kirito…

So as dinner is prepared, Kirito and Asuna talk about recent things that has happened with the game and its players, like how the players are grown accustomed to the game world and the monsters on the upper floors being more challenging than usual, to the point that even solo players will have a hard time. With that in mind, Asuna invites Kirito into her party.

So Asuna’s having problems avoiding her escort who’s been assigned to guard her. The problem is that he thinks that means follow her everywhere. Kirito tries to convince Kuradeel to let Asuna go with him, but Kuradeel wants to prove if he’s worthy of being Asuna’s protectorate by challenging him to a One-Strike Duel.

The duel starts and Kirito deliberately wrecks Kuradeel’s sword. He pulls out another weapon, but Asuna disarms him and then dismisses him. Should’ve done that before he embarassed himself…

Anyway, the episode concludes at the Dungeon on Floor 74, where Kirito and Asuna take a peek inside the Boss room, where the next Boss awaits, which I assume is what they’ll be fighting next episode.

So this seems to be another two-parter. As far as plot goes, it didn’t really go anywhere much, but I’ll hope for better advancement next week.

2 thoughts on “Sword Art Online #8: Wagout Wabbit Season

  1. elior1

    @DarkstarZero the whole plot wont be just 2 episodes it will contiue after the boss no side stories until the middle which will be the final side story called morning daw girl


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