Pokémon BW2 #6 & #7: Junior Cup Finals – Serperiority Inferiority

Since Dragonite’s expression here is fitting, I should take this opportunity to unleash my rage. *ahem* What the fuck, Square-Enix? You hype up something big related to The World Ends With You, making us think that a sequel is coming, set up a website with a countdown and new remixed music and it leads to an iOS port. A freakin’ iOS port!? For shame, Square-Enix.

Angry mini-rant aside… Pokémon Best Wishes! Season 2 is back after three weeks, and the Pokémon World Tournament-Junior Cup continues.

Quarterfinals: Trip’s Serperior proves to be overpowered as it OHKO’s Guy with Glasses’s Heatmor with a Solarbeam. Cilan’s Stunfisk takes out Sailor Fuku’s Cinccino offscreen.  Trip and Cynthia’s conversation cuts in the middle of Ash’s Boldore defeating Green Vest’s Reunculous.

Wow. They’re seriously getting the unnamed characters out of the way very quickly.

The only battle that isn’t interrupted by anything irrelevant.

Anyway, the last match of the quarterfinals is Dawn VS Iris. Iris uses Dragonite and Dawn uses Mamoswine. Also, Georgia apparently has a Pokédex.

Since these two have lost in the first round, they’re reduced to comic relief.

Anyway, the battle opens with Mamoswine using Hidden Power, which Dragonite dodges effortlessly. It then uses Ice Shard, which Dragonite decides not to dodge, but take the full blunt of the attack. Mamoswine then uses Take Down and then Ice Shard, which once again, Dragonite takes the attacks.

Mamoswine showing off its newest attack, Ice Fang. Mamoswine doesn’t exactly have fangs, so in its case, it’s more like Ice Tusk.

Mamoswine uses Ice Fang and Dragonite decides not to take the attack, but attack with Dragon Rush, knocking Mamoswine out.

Semi-Final Round time!! Trip VS Cilan, Iris VS Ash. How interesting that both battles call back to their respective battles in the Don Battle Tournament.

First Battle is Trip VS Cilan. Trip uses Serperior (again) while Cilan uses Crustle. Cilan goes on the defensive with Crustle, blocking Serperior’s Glare and SolarBeam. It then goes on offense with X-Scissor and Rock Slide, but Serperior dodges both attacks and defeats Crustle with Frenzy Plant.

Next up is Iris, using Dragonite (again), against Ash, using Krokorok. Krokorok starts off with a Crunch and Stone Edge attacks, which Dragonite dodges, as per Iris’s orders. It seems that under certain as-of now unknown circumstances, Dragonite will listen to Iris. Anyway, Dragonite deals a hit on Krokorok with a Flamethrower. It makes another attack with Ice Beam, but Krokorok avoids the attack by digging underground. After emerging, it dodges two Flamethrowers but takes damage from a third. Krokorok Digs underground to dodge one more Flamethrower, and emerges behind Dragonite to Crunch its tail, but Dragonite manages to shake it off. Afterwards, Dragonite manages to seriously damage Krokorok with a Flamethrower, Ice Beam, and another Flamethrower.

However, Krokorok’s not done yet.

Krokorok evolves into Krookodile and delivers a harsh blow to Dragonite with its newest attack, Dragon Claw. So harsh, that when it gets back up, it goes on a rampage. I read somewhere that Dragonite will only listen to Iris if its opponent doesn’t seem much of a threat, but will go on its own instinct if the opponent proves to be a potential danger.  Anyway, Dragonite tries to attack with a Dragon Rush, but Krookodile dodges by Digging underground and finishing off Dragonite with a Stone Edge, earning Ash the win.

Final Round: Trip VS Ash!! Ash uses Pignite and Trip’s using… You guessed it.

So the battle starts with a Tackle, Flamethrower, and Flame Charge from Pignite, which Serperior dodges all attacks effortlessly. Even with the speed boost Pignite gets from Flame Charge, it’s not enough as Serperior still outspeeds him. After taking a SolarBeam, Pignite decides to stop screwing around and send a Fire Pledge to Serperior…

Well, looks like Serperior’s win streak has finally met its end. No way he’s gonna dodge that.



OK, Alder VS Trip next week. I hope you lose, Trip. Badly.

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