Eureka Seven AO #17: The Coralian Who Leapt Through Time

Y’know. I bet an entire episode dedicated to Noa would be ten times better than the entire second half. Heck, put the entire camera on her for the rest of the series, and it’ll be way better than Eureka Seven. Nah, I kid. But honestly, I kinda wish they did do that.

Anyhoo, Last episode, you will recall the Nirvash Mark I’s new toy, the Quartz Gun, created a time paradox. Whoops.

So it’s not just the time paradox, but that strange light as well. It appears to have affected the past. Meanwhile, some people have been getting infestations, likely due to exposure from Scub Corals.

Those damn environmentalists…

Meanwhile, an environmental group who believed in Johansson’s writings about Secrets protecting the world from the Scub Corals known as Clean Gaea is boycotting the presences of Scub Corals. And to prove their point, they shoot a rocket-propelled smoke bomb in the direction of one, where the plant workers are and one of them falls to his death amidst the confusion. Way to go, guys. I don’t think even Greenpeace is that extreme. Doesn’t really matter much because Naru revives him.

So Fleur and “Elena” is promoting some new anime that’s about to get cancelled due to the recent events… I don’t know.

Anyway, Ao is still trying to make heads or tails about the Quartz Gun destroying the Coral in Norway, thus resulted in Team Goldilocks to be nonexistant. Han looks through a book of Johansson’s theories that he recieved from Nakamura, which states that he believes that the world has been twisted out of shape due to the presence of Secrets and Scub Corals. He also met a boy (Truth) 10 years ago near a stabilized Scub in Okinawa who also believed that another world alongside the current one existed. He adopted the boy and recorded his stories. Apparently, that world is the correct one.

So Ao does a search for Chloe and Maev and it leads him to a bakery in Ireland owned by the McCaffreys. Since there’s no Coral in Norway, they don’t become IFO pilots.

Anyway, during a confrontation with a country’s government claiming possession of a Coral that’s become active, the Quartz Gun starts going berserk and latches itself onto the Nirvash Mark I and absorbs the Quartz from the Coral. Truth shows up, seeking to possess the Quartz Gun.

So after being incapacitated, the spirit Eureka shows up before Ao. She tells him that she’s been leaping through timelines due to the Quartz. To Eureka, only a few days have passed since she started time-leaping. Ao figures that if he uses the Quartz Gun, he can get to where Eureka is. However, it’s missing a certain component, so it’s not guaranteed to work properly.

I’ve learned something: Truth’s jacket defies gravity. I’m pretty sure that thing should’ve blown off his shoulders on multiple occasions.

The Quartz Gun reattaches to the Nirvash Mark I and Ao prepares to fire it at Truth, but, realizing that he might cause another time paradox, chooses not to. After Truth makes an escape,  the episode concludes with the Allied Forces taking Ao in.

This show better start making sense soon, which is something it hasn’t had much success at since the second half started.

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