Sword Art Online #9: How NOT to fight a Boss

Previously, our two protagonists prepare themselves for the next boss. Judging by how plot progression isn’t exactly this show’s forte, we’re probably gonna be spending some time with something completely irrelevant.

Continuing where we last left off, Kirito and Asuna open the door to the boss room to get a peek of their next enemy and upon laying eyes on the massive behemoth, they run like crazy. I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to run from a boss fight.

“Hey, Asuna… Can we stop running like this? I’m starting to get dizzy.”

So after suggesting that they get some shield-users on the front lines, Asuna questions why Kirito doesn’t have a shield to accompany his one-handed sword. In Asuna’s case, she has a rapier. But others don’t use it because they don’t like their style. She even points out that Kirito hasn’t even used the sword Lizbeth made two episodes ago.

I think Klein just realized that Asuna’s getting in the way of the bromance he and Kirito established back in the first episode.

Anyway, Klein and his group appear and after some strange, mostly irrelevant antics aside, the Aincrad Liberation Army, who appears to be exhausted, shows up along with the crew. Their leader, Corvatz, requests map data to the boss room which Kirito gives to them. However, Kirito recommends against them confronting the boss in their current condition, but Corvatz ignores his warning.

Oh, really? The fact that your men look like they’re about to drop dead any moment says otherwise.

Kirito, Asuna, and Klein follows the army to the boss room where they find them predictably getting overwhelmed by the boss. They can’t use their teleportation crystals because the boss room is designed so that they become disabled upon entering, like the trap back in Episode 3. After a few of them get killed, Asuna snaps and rushes the boss, with Kirito and Klein following her to distract the boss while they save the remainder of the army.

Left with no choice, Kirito is forced to use his dual-wielding sword skill, which would appear as a Deus ex machina at first, but according to sources, Kirito acquired the skill prior to Episode 7, which is why he was looking for another sword, but unless you’ve read the light novel, no one would’ve known that.

What follows immediately is a rather impressive fight scene, leading to Kirito defeating the boss, albeit with only a few HP left.

“You just wasted 15 minutes of this episode!”

Although the battle is won, the victory is only bittersweet since Corvatz and a couple others lost their lives. And to add extra ass-pullery to Kirito’s dual-wield skill, apparently he’s the only one who knows it and he says that it just showed up out of the blue when he was looking through his skill list half a year ago. He decided not to use it because everyone would be hounding him on how to acquire it.

Asuna decides to take a leave of absence from her guild and continue partying with Kirito. However, the Knights of the Blood Oath’s head commander, Heathcliff, isn’t gonna stand by and let his second-in-command leave without a fight. He challenges Kirito to a duel and if Heathcliff wins, Kirito must join the guild.

Well, barring the unneccessary antics, the supposed Deus ex Machina and what have you, it was an okay episode. I expected better…

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