Eureka Seven AO #18: Pied Piper’s Despair

I think this episode has taught us never to get between Noa and her jellybeans.

So last episode, the Allied Forces took Ao in, and his absense spells issues amongst Team Pied Piper.

So Ao now finds himself on the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan with Colonel Nik Tanaka. Meanwhile, Team Pied Piper are doing test runs on the Alleluia and Kyrie, now with Third Engines installed.

Oh now you put Kyubei on the paper, no one’s gonna drink it now.

The tests go fine only for a moment, then the IFOs gets shot. Later that night, “Elena”‘s taking a bath and asks Fleur about living underwater in the world of dolphins. fleur answers by saying that she’ll go back to land evenually, which is apparently in the U.S. version, but Ao chose the European version’s ending. I have no idea what she’s talking about…

So back with the Allied Forces, Ao is looking through a very huge stack of papers while Noa chomps down on a bowl full of jelly beans. As Tanaka stated, Christophe presented Generation Bleu as a rescue organization, but housed weapons of wide-scale destruction.

Oddly enough, in this timeline, Maggie is still an IFO pilot, only she’s working on the Allied Forces’ side.

Tanaka also mentions that 13 years ago, Eureka was with the Allied Forces. They started tracking her when the Nirvash Mark I dropped her off in the current world. And 10 years ago, the largest Scub Burst occured outside Okinawa. They needed Eureka to pilot the Mark I.

So now the UN has called Christophe for a hearing of his explanation for hiding the Quartz. As long as the Quartz Gun is the Allied Forces’ property, there would be no other problems and Ao and the Nirvash Mark I would be under the command of the Allied Forces.

Fleur overhears a converstation with Ao and Ivica and tells “Elena” that he’s not coming back. This angers “Elena”, and she berates Fleur for acting like the details aren’t worth a damn. She then digs up the wig she wears as part of her Miller disguise, and tells her that she killed Miller because the real Elena no longer exists.

Alright, slap fight!!

…No? Awww… 😦

So the Gazelle Agency are kinda mopey about how the plan to exterminate the Secrets being a success actually made things worse. Meanwhile, Gazelle’s having a converstion with Rebecka, who’s accompanying Christophe to his hearing at the UN. And what with the somewhat flirty converstation they were having, I’m beginning to think there’s something going on between those two.

Anyway, “Elena”‘s causing a ruckus, trying to take off to get Ao back. Fleur tries to stop her, but their fighting actually causes their IFO’s Third Engines to activate. Alex gives them the OK to launch. They storm the carrier and ask Ao what he honestly wants. Ao says that he wants to be with the team, despite them being better off without him, and he leaves with them, and takes the Quartz Gun with him.

After all that, Alleluia and Kyrie’s Third Engines begin to give out. But that’s the least of their problems: The U.S. Government recieved word of Team Pied Piper’s suprise assault on the Ronald Reagan and thus cancelled Christophe’s hearing and declares Generation Bleu as terrorists.

Yeah, I know that feel, Ivica. Don’t worry, there’s only six more episodes left.

So what with that little stunt they pulled, Generation Bleu has now become an enemy of the entire world, and Christophe seems rather content about it… Dude’s reaching Gendo Ikari territory, for sure.

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