Thoughts about Bayonetta 2 exclusively on Wii U

Using this image because I couldn’t find a better one…

So if you’ve heard the news yesterday about Nintendo announcing the date and prices of their upcoming Wii U, you should know that the biggest upset news was Nintendo publishing Bayonetta 2, the sequel to Platinum Games’ 2010 PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game, and therefore being exclusive to Wii U. The news made many fans of the original very unhappy.

All I can say is…

You crybabies are all whining about it being on a “Fisher Price tablet” when you should all be glad that Bayonetta 2 has actually become reality.

It’s not like this kind of thing has happened before. Example: Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, the third entry in the main series line (To my knowledge, the first two never made it to the States.) was on the PlayStation 2. Then came Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey for the Nintendo DS, and Shin Megami Tensei IV for the 3DS.

Now let’s look at it another way: Remember the news about Sega supposedly cancelling Bayonetta 2? It’s just a rumor so it may not have been true, but what if it was true? That means the hate and death threats should not be directed towards Nintendo nor Platinum Games, but Sega instead.

Personally I don’t really care, because I’m such a Platinum Games fanboy that I’m willing to throw them my money for whatever they give out; that includes their other Nintendo-published Wii U title The Wonderful 101 (formerly known as Project P-100). I don’t see anybody bitching about The Wonderful 101 being a Wii U-exclusive.

What, becuase Nintendo also targets the casual audience, they’re not allowed to have games that target the core audience?

Seriously, dudes. You sad excuses of “gamers” need to grow up. 😐

UPDATE (9/15/2012)

Play Bayonetta 2 the “Right Way”. What exactly is the right way?

Really now? Are you serious? Are they seriously going through with this? The butthurt rage and death threats is bad enough, but this goes beyond butthurt and straight into Insane Troll Logic!

They’re gonna be boycotting Bayonetta 2 on Wii U by buying the game and console used… How does that even work?! You’re still playing the game on a console you detested anyway! That is so hypocritical on so many levels! Not only that, but their plan hinders on that someone buys a console and a copy of the game brand new and then trade them both in. In other words, they can only profit from someone who has given Nintendo and Platinum Games their money.

I probably should flag them for being morons, but I won’t do that becuase I want to prove that I’m the better man than these crybabies by buying a Wii U and Bayonetta 2 brand new and not trading them in!

It’s shit like this that makes me question what it really means to be a mature gamer.

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