Eureka Seven AO #20: Canon Fodder

How much more Evangelion can Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean get in the final four? We already got “Preteens piloting giant robots and fighting aliens”, “Hiding clandestine stuff in the basement”, and now we got “Clandestine stuff in the basement gets loose”.

End of Evangelion route, here we come!!!

Where we last left off, Generation Bleu gets shaken up thanks to the aftershocks caused by Christophe’s fusion blast that took out Truth. Meanwhile, “Elena”‘s taking a gander at the IFOs that belong to the nonexistant Team Goldilocks…

So there’s no Team Goldilocks, yet they built their IFOs anyway…

For some reason, she takes an interest in Maggie’s IFO, Credo.

Anyway, we shift to Ao and Fleur, who is in the room that shielded them from the fusion blast. When they try to open the door, Trapars seep out and Secret!Georg, which seems to be installed on Ao’s cell phone, tells them of Christophe’s plan with the Quartz.

That’s a good question. Just who are the bad guys here?!

As the Allied Forces continue their assault on Generation Bleu HQ, Team Pied Piper discusses their next course of action. Right now, their best option would be to just hand them the Quartz Gun, but Ao objects to that, showing them Secret!Georg. If they copy that to the Triton and their IFOs’ systems, they’ll become operational again. But they’ll still need to get the Quartz Gun. Since the Nirvash Mark I is the only IFO that can operate without Georg, Ao volunteers to go get it.

Hey Sunrise! You seem to have left an Innovator in my Eureka Seven!

So it turns out Rebecka was mainly working for Big Blue World, and they sent her so they can control Generation Bleu. But now she pretty much decided to cut her ties to help Team Pied Piper instead.

Ao reaches to the lower level, where Christophe died. The Mark I’s Third Engine begins reacting again to the Quartz Gun and the rest of the Quartz, which is absorbed by the gun. As he prepares to aim it at the Allied Forces, he’s interrupted by Team Harlequin, who escaped the Poseidon’s destruction on their ship, Great Proteus. Only it seems that Team Harlequin aren’t exactly allies anymore…

I guess Hannah didn’t take nearly getting killed well, did she…?

So wait… Since Christophe is dead, Harlequin has no reason to work with Generation Bleu and so they’re defecting to the Allied Forces? I don’t even… Anyway, with this unprecedented turn of events, Team Pied Piper is forced to retreat into space. And that’s the least of their worries. “Elena” won’t come out of the Kyrie. Hell, “Elena” isn’t even in the Kyrie to begin with!

Wow… Stay classy, “Elena”.

So, yeah, “Elena” has taken the Credo and defected to the Allied Forces too. Yay, let’s all just backstab everyone today!

Good question, Tanaka. Why is she wearing a mask? She has nothing to hide, other than her real name.

Face Heel Turns aside, something rises from where Generation Bleu HQ formerly stood. Is it…

TheEND? No. it’s…

…the IFO-Zero, also known as either Archetype or its codename: Canon. The Canon is an extremely destructive LFO that was excavated from a Scub Burst remains in the Soviet Union. Since it couldn’t operate without Trapars, Christophe took it and hid it in the basement. And surprise surprise: Truth has fused with it.

Anyway, Han’s getting a call on his phone, and I wish I knew who his cell phone carrier is. Dude can get reception in space! It’s Yamaoka of the Japanese Government informing Team Pied Piper of their new allegiance and sponsorship, as per Christophe and the Secret’s negotiations, and if Christopher were to expire during these agreements, then it’ll all fall down to Fleur’s shoulders.

Once again, Christophe does more Gendo Ikari- stuff, leading to other stuff. But anyway, why the hell is people turning coat all of a sudden?! This ain’t right! That minus one point for you, show!

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