Sword Art Online #12: More like “Single-Frame Art Online”

Another issue with this show is all this single-frame shit. Most of the fight scenes always have a single-frame shot. It makes the animators look cheap and lazy. It was fine 30 years ago, but in this day and age: Unacceptable! There’s no excuse for that.

I got an idea. Let’s turn this into a drinking game. Take a swig every time a single-frame appears.

By the way, for those expecting Chapter 16.5 (The infamous sex episode): I’ve read that that was actually a fan fic that the original author liked and posted on his blog, but got some heat for it and had to take it down. So there’s your reason for not seeing “two years of semen” in animated form. Virtual sex probably isn’t that great anyway.

Continuing from the last piece of trash of an episode, we see our two protagonists and their new daughter at the orphanage run by… what’s-her-face trying to figure out where Yui came from. Speaking of which, Yui seems to have recovered from her freak out by sleeping it off.

This one frame pans across for approximately 11 seconds. That’s an achievement for this series.

Afterwards, a woman from the pathetic army from last episode named Yulier arrives, requesting the assistance of Kirito and Asuna. The original guild leader, Thinker, never intended for the army to be dictoral, and all these struggles for power were caused by Kibaou, who now runs most of the army. Now you may be wondering as I am, who was Kibaou again? This guy. Remember him? Neither do I.

Anyway, Kibaou’s only one inch away from expulsion from the army, but he has lured Thinker into a trap in a high-level dungeon, and he won’t let the army go help him. Without his teleportation crystal or any equipment. Lousy mistake there. Anyway, the two protagonists volunteer their help to save Thinker.

You think Yui being rebellious now is bad? Just you wait until she grows up.

Anyway, Kirito, Asuna, Yulier, and Yui arrive at Black Iron Castle, a dungeon underneath the Town of Beginnings. Wouldn’t that make that floor Floor 0? That aside, they find their path blocked by a bunch of four-eyed frogs…

…which Kirito dispatches using only two still frames and offscreen fighting. But hey, at least they dropped frog legs, which Asuna apparently doesn’t like and disposes of. What the fuck, you don’t waste food like that. Piss-poor attempts at humor aside, they reach the safe zone where Thinker is, but the corridor is being blocked a high-level monster known as The Fatal Scythe.

Seasons don’t fear the reaper. Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain… We can be like they are. Come on, baby… don’t fear the reaper.

It knocks them both down, but Yui steps in front of them. The Fatal Scythe can’t hurt her because Yui is apparently an Immortal Object. She then pulls out of nowhere a flaming sword that’s probably twice her length and destroys the monster. So she remembers everything and tells her adoptive parents that she is an AI system called Cardinal that runs and monitors Sword Art Online and its players.

At game’s launch, Yui was only assigned to monitor the player’s mental health, but wasn’t allowed any contact with them. So she was forced witness players being overcome by negative emotions, some of which went suicidal, which resulted in a system error. However, she laid eyes on two players with only positive mental parameters and sought to grow close to them. Also, since she broke free from Cardinal, it now recognizes her as a foreign object and will delete her.

Afterwards, Kirito somehow manages to hack into the GM account and convert Yui into a game item. He also saved her data to his NerveGear memory so he can recreate her. In other words, he’s playing God.

So I don’t really get why they’re so overemotional over an AI program, i.e., an NPC being deleted. Not to mention it was someone they only knew for less than a day. I suppose it was because since they’ve grown so accustomed to being in a game world that they see NPCs as actual people and not just as expendable people. I say they’re grown as delusional as the idiots on MyAnimeList who overrates this show and need to get outta there ASAP. Awful episode. Just… awful. How stupid does this show think I am?

One thought on “Sword Art Online #12: More like “Single-Frame Art Online”

  1. J

    I left a review of Sword Art Online using this. Within minutes I got messages demanding how I could defile SAO’s precious name.

    Forget MyAnimeList. Fuck the site.


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