Eureka Seven AO #21: Now with Replacement Elena

Obligatory Noa image

I can’t believe that bullshit call at the end of the Packers-Seahawks game Monday night. Maybe after this fiasco, the NFL can keep the real refs at their job.

Anyway, onto Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean. Oh wait, there’s a replacement in that show too.  😛

Last episode, you will recall Christophe forged a new agreement between Team Pied Piper, the Japanese govenrment, and the Secrets, which he left in Fleur’s hands to oversee.

As for the traitorous “Elena”, who has been stationed at an Allied Forces base in Guam…

See? What was the point of the mask anyway?

…She is in command of a group of adult IFO pilots that are Coral Carriers, people with parasitic Scub Corals inside their bodies, the same as Naru. And according to Maggie, they were artificially implanted due to experiments performed by Generation Bleu.

Wait a sec… Naru’s family call it work?

Coral Carriers have started to populate Iwato Jima, no doubts thanks to Naru. Meanwhile, due to Team Pied Piper’s alliance with the Japanese government, Nakamura’s plans are shot, and so he’s just getting wasted.

Anyway, Maggie finds herself in the cockpit of the Credo, which triggers dormant memories of Team Goldilocks from the previous timeline. This was the choice of Steins Gate! “Elena” finda her and tells her that she’s was from the timeline that Eureka Seven was set in.

All of a sudden, Eureka shifts into this time again, in front of “Elena” and Maggie. “Elena” snaps again, telling Eureka to take her back to her own world.

Man, Third Impact did not do wonders to the Caribbean…

Five years ago, Eureka had left “Elena” at the Carribean Sea to protect her from a Scub Burst. She also reveals that “Elena” is not from a different world, but a different time. She only saw images of the Eureka Seven world, and believed that she was from that time.

Despite Nakamura’s resignation, he still has a Plan B. The Secret remnant seems to compare him to Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Alexander the Great during his departure. Anyway, Maggie looks into the Scub Burst that happened in 1981 at the Carribean Sea. Multiple children went missing, including “Elena” whose real name is revealed to be Ellen Brooks.

Another Scub Burst occurs in Indonesia, where the Secrets make way for Ao to extract the Quartz from the Scub Coral and load it into the Quartz Gun. But Ellen steps in and tries to provoke him into using the Quartz Gun on her. Maggie jumps in the way and tells her that she is of this world. Ellen refuses to believe any of that, but Ao convinces her that she’s still Elena Peoples.

I swear, I didn’t know Elena’s helmet matches her expressions. That’s one weird helmet. And this episode closes off with this little reunion being cut short by Truth’s intervention.

Well, I think this episode managed to hit the brakes on the current downward spiral this show has been suffering from since the second half started, and we finally learned what Elena’s deal is. I wish it were explained alot sooner…

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