K (First Impressions)

Alright, let’s keep this gravy train rolling with our next Fall show.

K is an original anime produced by GoRA Project and GoHands. This episode starts with a kid named Yashiro Isana, (also known as Shiro) running an errand until he finds himself staring down the sword of one Kurou Yatogami, Vassal of the Seventh King, Ichigen Miwa, who refers to Shiro as the Colorless King…

Yeah, that’s about as much as I can make out. Oh yeah, there’s also some Engrish being thrown around a guy who can shoot fireballs from a cigarette, and that samurai guy can bend reality and stuff.

Yeeeeeah, that’s about it. There seems to be alot of style with its visuals and range of characters, but there doesn’t seem to be any substance as it doesn’y really explain what’s going on. I honestly don’t know what to think of this show… And yet, there’s something about this show that I can’t make myself look away from. I don’t know what exactly, but it’s decent first episode.

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