Eureka Seven AO #22: Truth’s Mistaken Identity Crisis


Truth’s causing more trouble, as usual. Also, we catch up on an old friend.

NOTE: Due to the episode delays and Blast of Tempest (Zetsuen no Tempest) filling its timeslot, the final two episodes of Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean will air next month.

The episode starts where we last left off, with Ao bringing Elena back to her senses. Truth attacks the Allied Forces aircraft carrier Abe, then focuses his attention to Ao, Elena, and Maggie, still seeking to possess the Quartz Gun.

You tell him, Ao. Nothing Truth has been doing made the least bt of sense.

The Canon spins around, creating a layer of high concentration of Trapars known as a Trapar storm, or heavy swell. Although Ao can see Trapars, he can’t really do anything with them since, as the Secret remain puts it, the Nirvash Mark I has no soul. The Coral plant in Iwato Jima absorbs Ao and the Nirvash Mark I, but Naru pulls them out soon afterwards.

Yeah, none of your semantics can excuse the fact that you double-crossed your team, Elena. You best be grateful that Fleur let you back in.

As Truth makes his way towards the Coral in Okinawa, the Secret remain, which has been attached to Kyrie, much to Elena’s dismay, reveals that he stopped being a Secret for the past decade since he was absorbed by the Scub Coral. Back at Iwato Jima, Ao is at Naru’s house. Those little elf ear-looking things in Naru’s head are apparantely just accessories. Also, Naru finally breaks the tension by stating that there’s nothing going on between her and Truth.

Uh, yeah!

It turns out Team Harlequin had faked defecting to the Allied Forces in order to buy time for Generation Bleu’s deal with the Japanese government to be concrete.

Has anyone ever started to lose interest whenever Neru mentions Scub Corals? Because I do. Serious, that’s the only thing that comes outta her mouth since recently.

Oh, and speaking of Scub Corals, Coral Carriers’ condition has taken a turn for the worst due to Canon creating the high Trapar field. When that happens, the Scub inside a host goes out of control and eventually kills its host. And that means all the Coral Carriers in Okinawa are in potential danger.

Team Pied Piper, Team Harlequin, and the Humanoid Secrets pursue Truth, who doesn’t seem to know who he is, but knows he is neither Secret, Scub Coral, nor human. He tears apart the Humanoid Secrets, as well as the Secret remain attached to Kyrie. Both Nirvashs then join the fight.

The episode conludes in New York City, year 12021 AD. An older Renton Thurston (who somehow has Holland’s seiyuu) overlooks the destruction that has befallen his world. When a Seven Swell appears, he jumps into a modified version of Nirvash TypeZERO Spec3 and heads there, hoping that it’ll lead him to Eureka.

Aggggh!! Bones, why you gotta do this to me?!! Maybe with this extra month, they can deliver a good finale to an otherwise average show, that is if they’re not too busy with Blast of Tempest

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