Pokémon BW2 #12 & #13: Team Rocket’s Final Blast-Off?

This is it.

Ash and Giovanni meet face-to face. Again.

I mean, they actually met face-to-face for the first time in Mewtwo Returns, but that doesn’t really count since Giovanni’s memory of that event was wiped, so…

This is like their first actual meeting… This is big!!!

The two-parter starts with Giovanni and Team Rocket arriving in Unova to begin Operation Tempest. Meanwhile, Ash and friends are still at Cynthia’s villa. Ash is training for the upcoming Unova League and has a practice battle with Cilan.

I wonder if Oshawott has realized that Meloetta technically has no gender…

Meloetta steps up to battle Oshawott and uses its Relic Song to change into its Pirouette Forme. Unfortunately, Oshawott isn’t up to battle and Ash sends out Krookodile instead. The battle starts with Meloetta using Hyper Voice. Krookodile attacks with Stone Edge, but Meloetta blocks it with Close Combat. The battle, however, is interrupted by Meloetta’s guardian, Larry and his Golurk. He’s been out searching for Meloetta since Team Rocket tried to capture it.

Suddenly, they all find themselves surrounded by Team Rocket grunts. As Larry deals with the grunts, Ash and friends make a getaway with Meloetta, but the TRio stops them in their tracks.

As Cilan and Iris hold off the TRio, Ash and Meloetta manage to get away, but they are soon cornered by Giovanni and his Persian. A brief battle ensues between Pikachu and Persian, which is seen using Shadow Claw and Power Gem. Pikachu is defeated and Giovanni traps Ash and Pikachu. He then tells Meloetta to surrender and be captured, or he’ll crush Ash and Pikachu inside the cube. Meloetta willingly obliges.

Team Rocket arrive at the Abyssal Ruins, where they intend to use Meloetta and its song to obtain an ancient mirror known as the Reveal Glass. As the ruins surface, the mirror summons the legendary Kami trio, Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus, and bring them under Giovanni’s control.

Ash and Pikachu manage to break out of the cube imprisoning them using a flurry of Iron Tails and goes after Giovanni to save Meloetta, but Jessie and James stop him with their Woobat’s Air Slash and Yamask’s Shadow Ball. Luckily, Larry’s Golurk comes to save them. They meet up with Cilan, Iris, and Cynthia as well as they send out Garchomp, Dragonite, Pansage, Golurk, Unfezant, and Pikachu to stop the Kami trio.

Pretty soon, this will go on TV Tropes under their “Drunk on the Dark Side” entry.

The Reveal Glass turns the Kami trio into their Therian Formes and overwhelm the heroes’ Pokémon. Thundurus makes an attack at Iris and the downed Dragonite, but Pikachu takes the attack and absorbs it too. Iris gives Dragonite a pep talk, which manages to get its fighting spirit back.

Oh come on!! I just picked up Black 2 and you’re starting to freeze a town?!

Ash heads back up to the ruins to stop Team Rocket. Pikachu attacks with a supercharged Electro Ball, destroying the entire platform Giovanni was standing on and freeing Meloetta. However, Giovanni was affected by the Reveal Glass.

This one would go under “Brainwashed and Crazy”

Jessie, James, and Meowth manage to snap him back to normal and make their escape. Using the Reveal Glass and Meloetta’s song, the legendary trio come back to their senses and revert to their Incarnate Formes.

As the ruins return underwater, Giovanni decides that they’ve finished their operations in Unova and have Team Rocket return to the Kanto region. And this two-parter closes with Larry and Meloetta saying their goodbyes to Ash and friends. Poor, poor Oshawott…

So, as far as the Unova region is concerned, Team Rocket is more or less finished. So we probably won’t see them again until the Best Wishes! series is done. One can only wonder if they’re gonna bring in Team Plasma now.

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