Code: Breaker (First Impressions)

Hey, a show with a colon in its name instead of a semi-colon. Don’t see those often.

Code:Breaker is a Kimena Citrus adaptation of Akimine Kamijyo’s manga. On a rainy night, Sakura Sakurakoji bears witness to people engulfed in blue flames and a male that is the likely cause of it standing among them. The next day, a male named Rei Ogami transfers into Sakura’s class (and yes, he does sit near her.) and Sakura notices that he was that same guy from the previous night, as well as his gloved left hand. Sakura outright asks Rei of his whereabouts that night and asks him to unveil his hand. To her surprise, there are no burn scars. Althogh Sakura’s suspicions of him are gone, Rei actually does have his secrets. Later that night, Sakura runs into trouble with a street gang known as G-Falcon, who was looking for a few of their members that disappeared, the same ones that were burned to death. Rei arrives to her rescue and incinerates the gang members with those same blue flames from before. Sakura’s suspicions are true; unfortunately, she won’t live to tell about it as she too is set ablaze…

Or maybe not. She seems too important of a character to be killed off this early.

On the surface, this would appear to be like your typical shonen series. But it seems to be more than that. I don’t ever recall seeing a shonen protagonist who actually kills someone; it kinda make him more anti-heroic than most protagonist in that genre. Basically, he has this motto that sums up to “Pay evil unto evil”. Well, I’m impressed so far.

That poor dog… ;_;

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