Robotics;Notes (First Impressions)

The time has come for me to heed the call of science once more.

Robotics;Notes is a Production I.G. adaptation of the third entry in 5pb. and Nitro+’s Science Adventure visual novel series, following ChäoS;HEAd and Steins;Gate. Alongside Psycho-Pass, it is airing on the noitaminA block for this and next season. In the year 2019, nine years after Steins;Gate, Chuo Tanegashima High School’s Robot Research Club is currently on its last legs. Only two of its members remain: Akiho Senomiya and Kaito Yashio, and any attempts of recruiting new members end in failure. Despite this, their ongoing project to construct a life-size replica of GUNVARREL, the titular robot from the worldwide hit anime, continues as it has been since the club started.

I’m assuming that the majority of viewers watching Robotics;Notes will consist of those who have enjoyed Steins;Gate. However, this show seems more on the slice-of-life side, absent of the suspense that made its predecessor one of my top favorite anime. It might be coming soon, but it doesn’t rear its head here. I’m not disappointed, however. I’m looking forward to covering this show.

What does disappoint me is the supposed choice of the beverage of science in 2019. Whatever happened to Dr. Pepper? What the heck is Skal?!

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