Sword Art Online 16: Modern Swordfare

Favorite Character #4
…Nothing bad is gonna happen to her, right?

Last time, A-1 learned how to make a decent episode of Sword Art Online: Place dumb  girlfriend in a coma, Add psuedo-imouto. But, Kazuto learns that his waifu is stuck in yet another vidya game.

Can this show actually produce two decent episodes in a row? How much more CRAWLING will happen today? All these questions and more will be answered… right now. Of course not. Alot more.

The episode begins with Kazuto visiting the bar Agil works at, inquiring about the picture he sent him. It has something to do with another MMO called ALfheim Online, also known as “Land of the Fairies”. It uses another VR tech called Amusphere, which is basically NerveGear but with improved security, so NerveGear does work with it. Not only that, but player-killing is encouraged in the game, and there’s also a flight function. Asuna is being held at the World Tree inside ALO.

I noticed that Agil has a map of the U.S. of A. on the wall. I think he’s from America.

Kazuto returns home to find his sister/cousin Suguha choking on a cupcake. I didn’t even know that can happen…!  After rescuing her from a probably unlikely end, he dons the NerveGear once again and boots up ALO. He enters the same character name as before, because Sugou knows the name Kirito so well, that he needs to use it again and basically be at the mercy of the spectacled creep who designed the game.

ALfheim Online has a selection of nine different races:

  1. Cait Sith: In general beast tamers and has improved eyesight. They are recognizable through their cat ears and tails.
  2. Gnome: Largest fairy race and users of the earth.
  3. Imp: Masters of night, great night vision.
  4. Leprechaun: Blacksmith race.
  5. Puca: Users of music which is used to confuse, attack or support.
  6. Salamander: Considered the strongest race in terms of attack, they have superior fire spells, and are styled in red.
  7. Spriggan: masters of illusion and treasure seeking. They are styled in black. (This is the race Kirito picks. Obviously, he’d go for the one that dresses in black.)
  8. Sylph: considered the fastest race and users of wind, they are denoted by the color green regularly.
  9. Undine: Healers and masters of water. They are styled in blue.

Also for some reason, character appearance customization is randomized. I find that odd, considering games like these always give the player full control over that.

Anyway, upon logging in, he checks his menu and finds not only a Logout function, but his stats and items from SAO carried over, as including MHCP001, which is the lolicon-pandering jailbait known as Yui, whose story arc in the SAO arc wasn’t interesting at all; plus it happened after the show jumped the shark. So yeah. I don’t like her, not as much as Asuna.

Yes, they do. The fact that someone is actually able to make fun of this show, no matter how horrid it is, is a miracle itself.

By the way, Kirito’s ALO avatar looks stupid. It looks like he had a bad hair day.

Anyway, it turns out that ALO was designed from SAO’s design, which is how Kirito’s skills and items carried over, but he has to delete all of his items before the error detection system catches them.

So in a nutshell, much like recent games in the Call of Duty franchise, ALO is basically copy-and-pasted from its predescessor, mainly just so that the series can preserve Kirito’s almighty Gary Stu status.

Kirito, you’ve always been a cheater. You’re just now realizing that?!

Anyway, the game recognizes Yui as a Navigation Pixie, designed to lend support to Kirito. Although, I don’t think she’ll be as helpful as Fi from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Shut up,  I liked Fi! Also, in order to fly, the player materializes some doohickey that looks like a Wii Nunchuk into his/her hand.

We can’t always have what we want. If the game dropped you off near the World Tree, then this would be too easy.

Anyway, Kirito sees two Sylph players in the midst of combat with Salamanders and sorta flies to their rescue. No, seriously, he catches one of the Salamander’s spear in mid-attack and dispatches of one of them with super-speed. Where’d he get super speed from? I don’t know, maybe it’s one of his race abilities or something.

I told you I wasn’t looking forward to this arc. The only direction this show can go is down and it’s definitely going down.  I can only expect this arc to be a repeat of the previous arc, only with a “Save the Princess” scenario.

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