Sword Art Online #17: You Will Believe a Gary Stu Can Fly

The amount of bullshit in this show never ceases to anger me more. This show is now as bad as Aria the Scarlet Ammo. Pretty soon, it’ll be as bad as Campione!. Although it’ll really have to work hard to be as bad as Master of Martial Hearts.

The episode opens with Kirito disposing of the Salamanders and saving Leafa, the Sylph from before. After proper introductions, they both fly to the Sylph town, Sylvein. Leafa then teaches Kirito how to fly without using the assist controller, and Kirito, being, well, Kirito, gets the hang of it immediately.

After all, there’s nothing Kirito can’t do, except be an actually likable protagonist…

…and do a proper landing as Kirito crashes. Unfortunately, we aren’t treated to seeing his embarassing crash landing. After Leafa heals him, she tells him that each race gets unique special abilities. I believe that I’ve mentioned which race gets what last time. Spriggans get treasure hunting and illusion-based magic, neither of which are of much use in combat; but knowing Kirito, he’ll make it work, like he always do.

So at the Sylvein tavern, Kirito and Yui ask about Recon, who is Leafa’s party member. They’re also classmates IRL too. Next, they talk about the World Tree. Getting to the top is ALO’s Grand Quest. Normally, a race can only have ten minutes of flight, but the first race who gets to the top and holds and audience with the Fairy King, Oberon, will become an advanced race known as Alfs, with unlimited flight. It’s been over a year since game’s launch and not one race has reached the top, because the quest is almost impossible to complete.

But that’s not what Kirito wants to hear. He heads to the World Tree to take a look for himself and Leafa decides to accompany him. They agree to meet up tomorrow at 3:00 PM, and she logs out.

So in an rather unexpected surprise (And I say that because nothing about this show surprises me), it turns out Leafa is Suguha. Seeing how this show values romance over everything else, I pray this show doesn’t go into incest territory. Also, how doesn’t Suguha realize that Kirito is his brother/cousin? And why does she have a poster of her character?

“Uh… Yes! Like, two episodes ago!”

Now here’s where the episode really pisses me off. Sugou (Also known as Fairy King Oberon) walks into the cage where Asuna (whom he calls Titania) is in and it turns out he isn’t content with merely touching her while she’s comatose, so he went inside the virtual game so he can molest her. And the worst part is the Mary Sue in distress just sits there and lets the NTR freak have his way with her. Doesn’t even hit the jackass or anything.

It’s times like these that I wish I had the know-how to make my own .GIFs.

And yet here you are, doing the opposite of what you said you wouldn’t do.

Oh, yeah, his evil plan: Manipulation of human thoughts and emotions. After hearing about the SAO incident, he made his adjustments so that some of the surviving players were rerouted into ALO. He intends to sell this project, and RCT to some American company. I’ll give Sugou props. He may be a creep, but at least he actually has further intentions with his plans, unlike Kayaba.

This is your protagonist, everyone. Your pathetic, stupid protagonist.

Ugh. This show just keeps getting worse with each episode. I think now I just want this show to end immediately so I don’t want it to piss on my weekends anymore…

3 thoughts on “Sword Art Online #17: You Will Believe a Gary Stu Can Fly

  1. elior1

    if you will servive until episode 24 which is the final episode you will see the final battle against shogou will be much better then the kayba battle including it end which you will enjoy


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