Robotics;Notes #2: No Money, No Parts, No Deal

“And no one else has a T-14 hyperdrive generator, I promise you that!”

Hooray, I’m gonna start blogging Robotics;Notes! Anyway it’s time to start building robots.

In order for the Robot Research Club to remain active, they have to complete a working hobby robot and learn to control it in less than two weeks and use it to win the ROBO-ONE tournament. They decide to make use of their old hobby robot, Tanegashi Machine-san. Unfortunately, the thing’s old and busted, so they have to buy the parts needed to put it back in working order.

Aki, we’re building a robot that probably is only a foot tall. Save your awesome stuff for Gundams.

Aki and Kai head to the junk to negotiate for the battery and charger they need, which they’ll need ¥8,000 for, but for Aki, that’s TOO EXPENSIVE!… And that’s only without shipping costs. Doc offers them other parts as part of a deal, but this deal is ¥2,000 over their budget. With no way to get more money, they’re low on options.

So does it taste good or like crap? What with the way Kai describes it, it seems to be both.

Later that night, Kai goes to the Irei Shop to ask the shopkeeper  about what’ll convince Doc to lower his price in exchange for eating some weird-tasting bun. Also by the looks of things, I think she might be paralyzed from the waist down because she seems to be wearing leg braces. When asked why he busts his ass for Aki all the time, Kai answers with that he’s a stand-in for her sister, Misaki.

The next day in class, Aki plans to ask Junna Daitoku, Doc’s grandfather who is in the karate club, about some special moves for their robot. Later, the battery arrives at Doc’s shop, and Kai negotiates that they’ll pay using the prize money that they’ll win at the ROBO-ONE. So with that, work begins immediately on upgrading Tanegashi Machine-san.

After a few days pass, Tanegashi Machine-san Advance is ready to go… except for the fact that Aki can’t seem to grasps its controls. The only one who was able to control it properly and use it to won the ROBO-ONE nine years ago was Misaki.

It does, however, have a wheel on its butt, which is used for its Killer Technique: Tanegashi Accel Impact. Only it doesn’t have brakes. Since Aki decided that Kai should operate it, they reprogram the controls so that it matches the control scheme found in KILL-BALLAD, the fighting game Kai is always playing on his tablet. Also, it turns out Aki suffers from some kind of syndrome where time basically fast-forwards in her perspective. She’s had it since nine years ago.

This seems to be one of Aki’s perks, where she pulls on these glasses and starts talking some crazy stuff.

So in order to reprogram the controls to Kai’s liking, they have to contact Frau Koujiro, KILL-BALLAD’s programmer. Meanwhile, Aki tries to call her sister, but she rejects her. Wow, harsh.

Ok, well I got some catching up to do, so expect the next episode later this week; Wednesday, at the earliest.

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