Robotics;Notes #3: Medabots, Robattle!

Robotics;Notes is brought to you by WcDonald’s. It’s like McDonald’s, but with a W instead of an M. They can’t sue us, right?

WcDonald’s is in every single anime. I think I started noticing this shit in InuYasha and then it’s appearing everywhere. What’s the deal with that? At least Kore wa Zombie desu ka? had the decency to have a MaskDonald’s instead.

So Aki, Kai, and the club advisor, Mr. Nagafukada (Whom Aki refers to as “Mitchi”) are in Tokyo this episode for the ROBO-ONE Tournament. After Frau Koujiro sent them the programming code for KILL-BALLAD, they managed to finish the Tanegashi Machine-san Advance and have it ready for the tournament within a week.

The tournament begins and the rules state that each match is a best three out of five. A point is earned if the opponent is knocked down or taken out of the ring. Tanegashi Machine-san faces off against Devil Stronger, who made it to the finals last tournament.

I think I get it. She’s quoting Char Aznable.

After some pre-match taunting between Kai and Devil Stronger’s operator, the match starts and it turns out that Devil Stronger lacks speed, so it’s easy to land one KO. Next, it tries to use its special attack, Double Lariat from Hell. But it’s spinning upper half leaves its lower half unstable, so with one GUNVAL Uppercut, Tanegashi Machine-san knocks down Devil Stronger, incapacitating it.

Aki’s right. She knows her anime well.

Kai and Aki continue to advance to the final round and they eventually become the talk of the tournament, what with their control system and Aki being the Misaki’s sister. Anyway, the final match where they face off against the two-time champion, Mr. Pleiades (a.k.a. Subaru Hidaka) and his M45. The match starts and M45 gets the first KO, then Tanegashi Machine-san gets one.

However, after M45 gets another KO with its arm extension, Tanegashi Machine-san’s left leg starts acting strangely. As M45 moves in for a finishing hit, Kai begins to gain some awareness of M45’s move patterns and is able to use the Tanegashi Accel Impact to knock both robots out of the ring, causing a double KO. So Mr. Pleiades wins 3-2.

As Kai and Aki return to Tanegashima, they recieve word that Frau Koujiro is moving there as well. Back at school, the principal orders the club to disband. However, using a makeshift Pleiades mask, Subaru’s urges for flair for dramatics, blackmailing, and loopholes, Kai manages to keep the club intact and get Subaru to join.

Well, I’m all caught up now, and I’m gonna get started on blogging this show!

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