Kyousougiga 2012 #2: Shoko is Loco

I did say that I would cover this show to the best of my ability, so here we are, Episode 2 of Kyousougiga.

Episode 2 opens with an episode opening of an old TV mecha series called Bishamon. It was promoting a portable gaming system called a PSP PZP, which a scientist named Shoko seems to want.

Here come the Men in White, lesser known defenders
Here come the Men in White, They won’t just take a gander

Anyway, we jump on over to Koto and her friends enjoying lunch unto Shoko’s crew bursts in and crashes their house. Next thing you know, a crow steals Shoko’s PZP. What occurs next is a wild goose chase, or rather a wild crow chase to get the PZP back, collateral damage be damned. They get it back, only it turns out that it wasn’t Shoko’s

…and they probably need to pay some damages costs for their shenanigans.

So I guess they get it back, using the PZP’s GPS function.

I get the feeling that I’m understanding this more than last year’s Kyousougiga, enough to not give it a ?.? Score. Although, I think someone will get this better than me… Oh well, see you next month for the next batch of randomness.

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