Robotics;Notes #4 & #5: Relax, we understand j00

OK, so that line is a reference to a 1983 film called The Right Stuff. Misa’s been mentioning that movie often. Since I haven’t seen that movie, I’ve made my own reference…

Episode 4 opens with Kai recalling an even that happened nine years ago where he, Aki, and Misa watched a launch of the H2 Rocket. Four months later, another incident occured.

Yeah, I added the shining glasses effect myself. C’mon, don’t tell me you didn’t think Aki’s dad was channeling Gendo Ikari here.

Anyway, Aki is meeting up with her dad, who is the director of the Tanegashima Space Center, requesting facilities for constructing a robot, professionals in robotic engineering, and a million yen in funding.

That doesn’t go so well due to Aki’s demands being rather ludicrous. Also, since the new facility wouldn’t help them at all, Aki would have to use their prize meney from the ROBO-ONE Tournament. But that won’t work, because the prize money is to go to the club’s funding in the next school year. And Aki will have already graduated before then…

And now the reference to The Phantom Menance I did a few episodes back no longer makes sense…

Kai gets a message from FRAUKOUJIRO (Real name Kona Furugohri) who wants him and Mitchi to help her move her stuff into her home, and to ask Kai about the KILLBALLAD control program.

I find Frau’s trollish grin… disturbing.

Also, I think Frau’s probably a hikikomori, whit with all the 13375p34k she spews out. Her dad is in Tokyo and her mom is… never brought up. (I bet she’s dead.) Anyway, Aki visits the company of Kai’s favorite candy, Space Candy, which is run by Mitchi’s uncle, asking for a sponsorship. He declines because she lacks impact. By “impact” he means boobies.

As I suspected, there was an event that happened prior to the story that paralyzed Mizuki. She also seems to mention that it was Misaki who built her braces.

So anyway, Pleiades-kun er… Subara asks Kai a favor: The ROBO-ONE World Tournament is being held next month in Las Vegas, and Subaru was chosen to represent Japan. He wants to team up with Kai and challenges him to KILLBALLAD to convince him to go along. Subaru beats him.

Later that day, Subaru shows Kai the M45’s fighting style and that its Pile Bunker moves so fast that it cannot be dodged. He asks Kai about how he was able to react fast enough to dodge.

As it turns out, four months after the H2 Rocket launch, Kai, Misa, and Aki were on a cruise ship called Anemone. One night, everyone on the ship fainted for unknown reasons.

Everyone woke up fine, but Aki and Kai had obtained Elephant-Mouse Syndrome (I checked, it doesn’t exist in real life.), a disorder in which time appears to go faster for Aki or slower for Kai’s when they overexert themselves. Which more or less explains how Kai was able to react to the M45’s Pile Bunker attack.

Later that night, Kai gets a strange mail from someone named Geji, sees a gray-haired girl and hears her voice on his tablet… Episode 5 begins with Kai overhearing something Junna heard about Uchugaoka Park.

Way to act inconspicuous, Kai.

Anyway, the local newspaper wants to interview the Robot Research Club about them winning second place at the ROBO-ONE Tokyo Tournament. Kai and Junna searches the park for anything that’ll lead them to the “ghost” that Kai saw the other night, and the interview goes nowhere because Aki keeps talking more about GunBuild-1 and less about the tournament.

Kai and Junna notice a dead sperm whale washed on the shore of the beach. This isn’t the first one, though. It’s not just the island that’s been experiencing strange occurances. Other parts of the world have done the same. Russia had summer-like weather during the winter, snowstorms in the west coast of America, rainstorms eroding the Nazca Lines.

Back at the park, the same thing happens again, only this time, there’s a red button on his app, which leads to something that’s protected by a password. Kai hears the ghost’s voice again, who knows the password.

After he sees her on his tablet, she introduces herself as Airi. She also has some sort of split-personality known as Geji. Airi is the communication interface that is in the servers of IRUO, the augmented reality app on Kai’s tablet, and Geji is a data collection program. Airi began operation in 2008 and tried to make contact with Kai. Out of the 29 attempted contacts, he reacted to only three. Kai brings up the password-protected program, and after Airi/Geji tells the password, he opens it, revealing a report by Kou Kimijiima in 2009. It states…

“I’m making this backup report in the event of my untimely death. Someone has been making threats on my life. I expect it won’t be long until I’m eliminated for good. NASA is perpetrating a massive cover-up. During a November 200 survey of the sun, magnetic monopoles were found to exist in its southern polar region without any shadow of a doubt. However, NASA organized a full-scale propaganda campaign and convinced the people that all leaked information was a lie. But all the scientific evidence points to the irrefutable fact that the sun is on the verge of explosion. Large-scale solar storms will occur in succession in 2012, 2015, 2019, and 2020. The 2015 solar storm in particular will have especially serious effects on the Earth and its magnetosphere. The sun is set to slam the planet with energy so tremendous that it’ll plunge the entire world into crisis and no one will see it coming.”

According to Junna, the report predicted the dates of the first two solar storm correctly. Also, the name Kou Kimijima seems to ring a bell to Mizuka.

Yep, something strange is going on here. It seems that everything that happened in 2015 can be traced back to that solar storm. This could be the suspense factor that I’ve been waiting for.

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