Kyousougiga 2012 #3: Kyousougigaception

Episode 3 of Kyousougiga is here, and it continues to show that it’s the most WTF series this year.

Although, from what I’ve been watching of Humanity has Declined… It’s now the second most WTF series this year.

The episode starts with a weasel? stealing a tea set.

Ah, yes. The most efficient way of fixing things: smash the shit out of them! Works every time.

Meanwhile in Mirror Kyoto, a bunch of stuff is floating across town. Shoko and her crew is there to stop the citizens from floating away with the rest.

Wait, are they watching Kyousougiga? Are we watching them watching Kyousougiga?

Oh, and that little weasel is throwing the tea set it stole in with the rest of the floating junk. Lady Koto notices that her favorite tea set if gone, and well… let’s just say, her tea party doesn’t have a happy ending…

It’s a good thing these episodes aren’t too long. There’s only so much the brain can process at one moment…

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