Robotics;Notes #6: After School Pleiades

Alright, I need to catch up.

This show and its Mobile Suit Gundam references.

Last time, we learned that the sun is about to blow up. THE SUN IS ABOUT TO BLOW UP!!

All of a sudden, SERN taking over the world and World War III sounds so much safer…

Episode 6 starts with Subaru visiting Kona’s place about the KILL-BALLAD control scheme. Unfortunately, he can’t get in because he doesn’t know the secret password. Mainly because he just met her so he wouldn’t even be aware of any password. The next day, Junna pays a visit to the club and eventually joins.

So while the club celebrates their newest members over Skal, Kai can’t help but remember Mizuka’s reaction to the name Kou Kimjima. She used to know him when they were in high school, and Airi was one of Misaki’s friends. Later that night, Kai asks Airi about Misa, then he hears the strange dial-up internet noise which leads him to another password-protected door.

I’m pretty sure dial-up internet doesn’t sound like “pee-gaa-gaa-gaa,” Kai.

Geji states that the equipment in the room is known as EGI, which emits sounds with certain wavelengths into space at set intervals, which can be heard on PhoneDroid tablets. It turns out that Kimijima was murdered. By whom? We don’t know.

The next day, Subaru tries his luck again with Kona. And I swear to almighty God, Kona is starting to remind me of Daru what with her fetish for megane. Anyway, negotiations work out between the two and Kona joins the club.

Why she’s not there in person, I have no idea. Hikikomoris are strange people.

And she’ll give the KILL-BALLAD control program for the M45 on one condition…

Photos of Subaru in the nude, sans glasses. That Kai would help her hunt down cheetahs…

I mean, cheaters at KILL-BALLAD.

Anyway, Kona manages to finish the program in 72 hours straight, no sleeping or anything. Also, Aki and Junna managed to get the “impact” that the Space Candy company was looking for so they can get sponsorship. During a sparring match between Tanegashi Machine-san and M45, we learn that Junna is apparently fast enough to chase it when its doing its Tanegashi Accel Impact.

But things do downhill as Subaru’s father shows up. Two years ago, Subaru made a promise to his old man that he would give up on the robot fighting business to become a fisherman. However, Subaru didn’t want to give it up and continued in secret. So his father responds by smashing up his son’s dream, along the M45.


It closes with Akiho having another attack. Oh man, family drama now… I need a moment; seeing the smashed-up M45 brought up… bad memories. Episode 7 hopefully tomorrow. In that episode, a familiar face from Steins;Gate appears…

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