Sword Art Online #22: Incest Route Averted, but At What Cost?

You're too late, Kirito. She's already been violated in ways you can't imagine.

You’re too late, Kirito. She’s already been tainted in ways you can’t imagine.

Previously, TENTACLE RAPE!!! Sorry. Anyway, when Kirito and Leafa reach the base of the World Tree, the pocket-sized Disney Fairy-wannabe Yui detected her “mama” above them, on the very top of the tree, and Kirito flies up the tree so fast that it’s improbable.

But yeah, Power of Love, Deus ex Machina, Gary Stu. That’s the gist of it.

Anyway, his progress is hampered by a barrier, which Leafa told him about some episodes ago, so it wouldn’t be that hard to forget.

Look how wide the space between the bars are. Asuna could just slide out of her cage with ease. I don't think Sugou thought this through at all.

Look how wide the space between the bars are. Asuna could just slide out of her cage with ease. I don’t think Sugou thought this through at all.

Using the Power of Love Warning Mode, Yui manages to call out to Asuna. After she hears her voice, she drops down to Kirito a key card that she acquired the previous episode. It’s used to access the System Admin. After Leafa tells him how to get into the World Tree, Kirito bids her farewell. He pretty much begins to ignore her now once Asuna gets back on his mind.

"Been nice knowin' ya, Leafa. Maybe if you made me a sandwich, we would've had something. 'k, bye!"

“Been nice knowin’ ya, Leafa. Maybe if you made me a sandwich, we would’ve had something. ‘k, bye!”

Kirito heads to the base of the tree to begin ALO’s Grand Quest. He begins fighting through the tree’s guardians, and it’s hard for me to feel and sense of tension considering Kirito effortlessly fights through what is possibly ALO’s strongest enemies. Anyway, he continues fighting, randomly repeating what’s-her-face’s name for no reason, but then he takes an arrow in the hand… and several more arrows everywhere else… and several large swords through the chest! Ouch.

Surprise, surprise, Kirito dies, but not for real. In ALO, a player can respawn, but they have to wait 600 seconds or be revived by another player. Anyway, Kirito has a moment to herself to finally realize that he’s not so invincible after all. Leafa comes to retrieve Kirito’s Soul Flame (The remains of a player that hasn’t respawned yet) and takes him out of the World Tree to revive him.

After being revived, the first thing Kirito does is go back inside to tackle the Grand Quest again, not learning any of his mistakes from the last time.

Screenshot - 12_2_2012 , 4_10_42 PM

At that moment Suguha/Leafa comes to two realizations: The first is that Kazuto and Kirito are one and the same. The second is that he’s pretty much ignored her for Asuna. She logs out. Kazuto logs out afterwards to apologize to Suguha. Family drama ensues, which is surprisingly not contrived and forced at all. No really, it’s actually believable from Sugu’s perspective. Can’t say the same for Kazuto, however.

Screenshot - 12_2_2012 , 4_17_48 PM

Yeah, I felt I had to do that.

I know this has been said alot recently and I’ve agreed about it, but at this point, it’s blatantly obvious that Kazuto/Kirito is a even worse character with Asuna around. At least with Suguha/Leafa, he was thinking straight. This episode pretty much destroyed whatever good character he had. His chances of redemption is now equal to that of this series’ chances of redemption: None.

5 thoughts on “Sword Art Online #22: Incest Route Averted, but At What Cost?

  1. ademaster

    Fast rewind in time: I was ensnared by anime after watching samurai champloo. But I’m a final fantasy freak (scratch that, was), and I thought I would stumble on an anime of FF proportions.

    Tower of Druaga? Raised my hopes, meh ending

    Tears of Tiara? Skipped entire battles I think I unintentionally forgot about it

    And then, Sword Art Online.

    Fast forward now….

    To think that even reading your summary makes me cringe at how my hopes blinded the reality is just embarrasing. Shit.

  2. Sor

    Kirito is one of the best characters Ive ever seen even tho his presented with an easier life he doesn’t give up, his just acting like a passionate young man in love. Suguha IMO is the worst possible character to ever be created with no dimensions and predictable whining attitude

    1. Affiance

      I’m sorry I know this late but I wholeheartedly must disagree Kirito is just so boring he is bland, a social outcast in real life, plus why do he want to leave the game he’s better as a game character than he is in real life.

  3. Aur

    I can’t empathize with Sugu simply because of the incest crap. Even as cousins, they can still consider themselves brothers and sisters. Also, Sugu is very naive…falling in love with someone online, who you dont even know how this person may look like irl, or the age of said person!


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