Robotics;Notes #8 & #9: I am GUNVARREL!

Screenshot - 12_12_2012 , 6_19_51 PM

That giant robot is coming along nicely. We’re finally done building it.

Looks like this’ll be ending early…

…Or will it?

The episode begins with the Robot Research Club, Frau Bow included, being sent to the JAXA Space Center, where Nae works at.

Too bad she doesn't have the shiny glasses...

Too bad she doesn’t have the shiny glasses…

After Aki does the Gendo Pose, Nae introduces herself and states that she pulled them here to build a giant robot.

Her division helps out people building giant robots, but at the moment, their budget is so small that they can only fund one project. After seeing the ROBO-ONE Finals, Nae immediately suggested that they fund the club. Plus, if their robot turns out to be a success, they’ll eventually be called upon to build more giant robots. But there’s a catch: They have to put their GunBuild-1 project on hold and build a new robot from scratch. Aki isn’t willing to ditch her project for anything, so she turns down JAXA’s offer.

Later that night, Kai asks Airi/Geji about the phone calls with the “Kagome, Kagome” song. The phone calls have been happening around Japan recently. And the Kimijima report Kai read sometime ago was only the first of seven. The second report is located in Uchugaoka Park, where Kai is at the moment. But he can’t bring it up without activating the flags needed to access it.

In order to bring up Kimijima Report #2, Kai needs to…
1) Find Kimijima Report #1 and make contact with Airi at least once.
2) Press the green button beneath the radar dome near the old folk museum and then press it again in an hour.
3) Get under the 30-second mark on Uchugaoka Park’s go-kart time trial and post the time on the IRUO Geotag.
4) Get SSS-Rank on Golden Wolf Fighter IV and upload the recond on the leaderboards.

Screenshot - 12_12_2012 , 7_08_47 PM

So first things first: Kai decides to press the button, which opens up the radar dome.

Yep, you probably should've...

Yep, you probably should’ve…

To kill the time, he does the Golden Wolf Fighter IV flag. Meanwhile, a typhoon’s coming and it’s doing damage to the radar dome. If the sattelite is busted, the flag is unwinnable. So Kai has to go back and close the dome, but the storm causes one of the metal railings to give out, but Kai’s Elephant-Mouse Syndrome kicks in, allowing him to make the neccessarry moves to avoid plummeting to his death.

Aki comes to help him, having heard from Kai’s parents that he didn’t come home and then contacted by Airi. After a few days of recovery and apologies, Kai clears the last flag. Since the go-kart course was shut down, all Kai had to do was put in a fake time.

I don't think Kimijima thought this through. I mean, this flag's requirements look easily exploitable.

I don’t think Kimijima thought this through. I mean, this flag’s requirements look easily exploitable.

Neccessary cheating aside, Kimijima Report#2 Get! The report reads:

NASA was coerced by what is known as the Commitee of 300, a group that controls the world from the shadows. Its aim is the Human Cultivation Project, the goal of which is to reduce the human population to one billion people and create a single world government through the use of propaganda. Pay heed to “Kagome, Kagome.” This song is a symbol of sorts to them. You’re certain to come across it wherever they’re running experiments.

Cultivating humans?! Reducing the population to a billion (Assuming that in 2019, the world population has got to be around 8 billion, give or take)?! This is some seriously deep shit!!

Screenshot - 12_12_2012 , 8_10_06 PM

Anyway, moving along.

This sounds oddly dirty...

This sounds oddly dirty…

This festival is the pre-celebration of GunBuild-1’s launch. Meanwhile, Kai at Frau Bow’s place, watching her read her yaoi slash fics. Anyway, it turns out that she made the two characters from the GUNVARREL anime into AI bots on her tablet. She’s that 1337. He introduces Airi/Geji to Frau Bow. Anyway, Kai gets matched up with the second-ranked KILL-BALLAD player, but he loses.

Well, if Geji says so, it must be true.

Well, if Geji says so, it must be true.

The next day, the Club is putting the finishing touches on GunBuild-1.

Almost brings a tear to my eye...

Almost brings a tear to my eye…

Anyway, Aki had sent Misa photos of the completed GunBuild-1, but got no reply from her. Since she asked her to complete her dream for her, Aki thought she would be excited to see it, which brings her to recall what she said to her before leaving for Tokyo.

Screenshot - 12_12_2012 , 8_48_05 PM

Harsh… Kai thinks that she’s probably jelly that Aki was able to complete GunBuild-1. The day after that, the club arrives to find a very huge crowd around GunBuild-1, thanks to the Space Candy company’s advertising. Anyway, it’s time to begin the initial test run. Kai jumps into the cockpit and starts it up. It begins to walk…. veeeeerrrryyy sllllllooowwwwllllyyyy… to the point that everybody gets bored.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, right? Meanwhile, it turns out Misa did indeed get Aki’s email, but she’s not too crazy about her work…

Screenshot - 12_12_2012 , 9_11_01 PM

Yep, definitely starting to not like Misa now… What’s her deal?!

Screenshot - 12_12_2012 , 9_12_35 PM

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