Robotics;Notes #10: Monopole Junkies

Screenshot - 12_14_2012 , 8_38_04 PM

So GunBuild-1 didn’t turn out as great as expected. What is the Robot Research Club gonna do now?

The episode opens with Kai playin against the top-ranked KILL-BALLAD player. a strange rock falls next to him. According to Geji, it is called a magnetic monopole. He calls over Subaru who at the time was showing Aki where GunBuild-1 went wrong.

lolwut? "Adorable underclassman?" This blackmail thing is getting a little too hilarious.

lolwut? “Adorable underclassman?” This blackmail thing is getting a little too hilarious.

Kai asks Subaru what it does and he explains it like this: Usually, snapping a magnet in half creates two smaller magnets, but a monopole only has one magnetic polarity. Aki, being Aki, came along and has the ideas of either selling it or using it as a power source. So they decide to wait it out and see if any more monopoles will fall. Nothing happens. Before Subaru goes home, he talks to Aki about scrapping GunBuild-1 and building a new robot from scratch with JAXA.

Screenshot - 12_14_2012 , 8_39_18 PM Screenshot - 12_14_2012 , 8_39_25 PM

Everything that comes out of Frau Bow’s mouth is just too lulz-tastic. XD

So the next day, the Club heads over to the JAXA Space Center to talk with Nae about their robot and to laugh at Pleiades-kun whenever he gets all flustered. It turns out that the problems were the materials that they worked with. Since they were on a tight budget, they had to compnsate for shoddy materials. They were lucky that GunBuild-1 actually did move, especially considering the weight it was carrying.

Anyway, they start off by showing off where the GunBuild-1 failed and use that knowledge to create a lighter robot, only without GUNVARREL’s design, which Aki isn’t too happy to hear.

Need a AR cat girl meido on your tablet?There's an app for that.

Need a AR cat girl meido on your tablet?There’s an app for that.

Junna gives the idea of keeping the design as is, but using Augmented Reality to make it look like GUNVARREL when viewed from a tablet. And then they decide on using the KILL-BALLAD system to control it. Eventually, Aki decide to work on GunBuild-1 on her own time later and have the club work on a new project for the expo: The “Let’s take GUNVARREL and build a life-sized version” project prototype Mk. 2, or GunBuild-2 for short.

Seriously, Frau's hair. dem gravity-defying pigtails.

Seriously, Frau’s hair. dem gravity-defying pigtails.

Meanwhile, Mizuka seems to have the IRUO app with Airi on her tablet, and she asks her this…

Screenshot - 12_14_2012 , 9_11_46 PM

Yep, she definitely knows something about Airi, and I’m betting it has something to do with Kimijima…

Screenshot - 12_14_2012 , 9_13_22 PM

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