Twas the 11th Episode of Robotics;Notes Before Christmas

Oh come on! If Daru can do it, so can you. Then again, Daru had a IBN 5100.

Oh come on! If Daru can do it, so can you. Then again, Daru had a IBN 5100.

GG, noitaminA. GG.

The episode begins with Kai at Frau Bow’s place again. Apparently, @channel is reporting that the unaired final episode of GUNVARREL was rumored to have been leaked onto the internet.

Meanwhile, Frau was apparently looking at some yaoi.

Meanwhile, Frau was apparently looking at some yaoi.

Also, she asks about the Kimijima reports as she suspects it may have something to do with her mother’s disappearance. So, she accompanies Kai to find Kimijima Report #3. The flags to unlock this report are: 1. Find Kimijima Report #2 (Already done).

Screenshot - 12_21_2012 , 8_54_55 PM

3. For three days in a row, focus on the geotag in the Chikura Cave for three hours straight, starting at 1:00 PM.

4. Place 36 geotagged stones on the buried Shinto gate. However, you must not knock off any stones already on it. (Also, Airi has to be observing them placing the stone, or it won’t count)

Kai asks Frau if she can hack into IRUO in order to give them a loophole for the fourth flag, but she says it’s next to impossible, which she compares to hacking into SERN.

When they find the fourth flag to be harder than they thought, they decide to split work between the two of them. As Kai does the cave flag, he kills some time with KILL-BALLAD (his tablet has a multitask function so Airi can keep tabs on the geotag). He beats the top-ranked player, TAKANO_EYE. It doesn’t exactly impact the rankings, though, but he had Frau’s cheat analyzer installed.

Frau's right. This is a character change. Kai is never this fired up

Frau’s right. This is a character change. Kai is never this fired up

When Frau checks for any cheats, she only finds that her program was infected by a virus. She contacts her friends in Tokyo to find the cheaters IRL and see what’s going on. Later that night, Exoskeleton, the company that Misaki works at and where Mizuki got her leg braces from, is holding a press conference about deaths caused by their powered suits. Kai asks Mizuka about Kou Kimijima, and she tells him not to get involved with him. Not even eating one of her fruit buns will get anymore answers out of her. After the conference, Misaki is sent by her superior to dig some dirt on Kimijima.

Well now. Looks like Kinect actually has a good use rather than bad video games.

Well now. Looks like Kinect actually has a good use rather than bad video games.

The next day, Frau Bow calls for a club meeting. Apparently, they can’t use the KILL-BALLAD control program to control GunBuild-2 because it has fighting moves mapped to its settings. So they have to use motion tracking tech using Junna’s movements as the base.

Oh dear. Frau's raepface seems highly unsettling,

Oh dear. Frau’s raepface seems highly unsettling,

Kai and Frau goes to clear the last two flags and get Kimijima Report #3 this one reads:

“Project Atum is the Committee of 300’s Human Cultivation Project No. 114, led by the Tavistock Institute. In specific terms, it involves directly interfering with the sun during a period of maximum solar activity to generate an artificial solar corona–as well as solar magnetic storms discharged by said corona–to dramatically alter the global environment. Estimates place the number of casualties at five billion, and groundwork for implementation is scheduled to be underway by 2015/ As part of this, droves of manufacturers affiliated with the Committee of 300 will likely enter the robot research and development center by 2012. In America; U.S. Robocom. In Britain, Liverpool Tech. In Japan, Exoskeleton.”

Later that night, Frau gets an email from one of her Tokyo friends. They went to the cheaters’ homes and found out that all three of them were dead for about six months. There have been no signs of TAKANO_EYE’s account being hacked or anything, either. Frau assumes her mom may be sending her a message. Kai gets a video call from Aki, who’s freaking out about GUNVARREL’s final episode.

Screenshot - 12_21_2012 , 10_02_33 PM

The storyboard footage for the final episode shows all the malfunctioning robots sacrifing themselves to power a space elevator that fires at the sun, creating a solar storm that destroys not only the final boss, Anubis, but all of humanity, leaving Earth a barren wasteland. At that moment, Kai realizes that GUNVARREL’s ending matches exactly what’s written on the Kimijima reports.

At that same time, Kai gets a reply from Misaki, who also tells him to forget about Kou Kimijima…

How could such an awesome looking series have such a bad end? This isn’t right… 😦 Well, now… Both Psycho-Pass and Robotics;Notes had pre-Christmas midseries plot twists, and now they’re making us wait two weeks for the next episodes. I should’ve seen this coming, considering Guilty Crown did this last year.

Screenshot - 12_21_2012 , 10_11_57 PM

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