2012 Anime in Review

yourfavoriteanimeisshitWell, how about that? Turns out the Mayans were wrong. I’ve had my first full year of blogging under my belt and 2012 brought us good things, some bad things, some weird things, Toonami’s return to television, The Avengers, and something that’s so unbelievably horrendous, it’s even worse than Master of Martial Hearts.

Winter Season

Too bad this didn’t actually happen. I kinda wish it did; I would have to declare this a godly show.

Another was one of my most highly anticipated shows for this season, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look forward to Mondays just to watch this show. Mondays suck, by the way. Before watching this show, I wasn’t much into the horror genre of anime, so I didn’t think I would really like this show as much as I did. After Episode 3, the show kept me on edge. Like everytime I watch, I think to myself “Who’s gonna bite it this time, and how?” And how, indeed! I would not expect someone to die by getting impaled by an umbrella through their freakin’ neck!! I would never look at umbrellas the same way for a whole week. And then there was the elevator death… Time to take the stairs! It just kept getting better and better. I can say for sure that this is one of the better shows of the year and the best way to open 2012 anime with. Highly recommended, even for those not into this genre. I wished I should’ve blogged this show… [Score: 9.5]

I know that feel, Yuuta. I find myself retreating into the world of my own twisted mind as well. I gotta stop doing that…

Listen to me, Girls. I’m your father (Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai)
Search your feelings, you know it to be true. Okay, Star Wars references aside… I liked watching this show, althought I was a bit on the fence about it. I found myself sympahizing with Yuuta’s alot. As a college student myself, I constantly find myself juggling college, family, and other personal issues. Strange thing is that it kinda danced around the idea of incest, but ultimately avoided it due to Yuuta and his two older nieces not actually being blood-relatives, unlike two certain other shows which I’ll get to in a moment. I wouldn’t mind watching another season if one were to be greenlit. [Score: 7.5]

This is how everyone should greet their fiances in the morning.

Inu × Boku Secret Service
How did I ever underestimate this show? Or rather, Why? Well, I guess it was because on the surface, it looked to me like a show I would never even bother with. I stepped into this show unaware but pretty cautious, but this show’s first impression went above and beyond what low expectations I originally set. And in the end, I loved watching this show. I loved the characters and their personality, especially Ririchiyo’s. Anime nowadays is filled with tsundere females, mostly abusive ones, but Ririchiyo stands above most of them because her personality is like a deconstruction of tsundere; Tsunshun, if you will. She insults people, but ends up insulting herself more than the person being insulted. This is what I want to see more often! I would definitely love to see another season. [Score: 8.5]

“Whoa. Little Mexican Standoff we got here.”

Black★Rock Shooter TV
Good lord, the amount of melodrama in this show. Like, what the flying fuck was I watching!? I was not expecting this kind of shit at all. On one side, you got some of the most awesomely CGI-animated fight scenes, and on the other side, you got a confusing mindfuck of a story filled with dysfunctional, overemotional junior high school girls who seriously need therapy and a kiss from their BFFs. Even though there is a therapist that works at the school, she really sucks at her job. How did she not get arrested, let alone fired? I guess it was my fault that I never expected any of this because I only saw the music video and not the OVA. Either way, I liked it. I don’t regret watching and/or blogging it, but I just wish I knew what I was getting myself into. [Score: 7.5]

I think I know why Genjuurou was the most badass character in this show. Dude looks like Akuma.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear
Moving right along to Lesbian Subtext Winter show #2… Well, this show started out pretty interesting. I mean, I don’t see many anime where one of the main characters die in the first episode; A clear sign that shit was goin’ down. But that only happened in the first few episodes. The rest of the series is filled with a ridiculous story that’s kinda hard to take seriously at times due to laughably bad Engrish, so-so animation that’s awkward as hell at its worst, females that act like they’re way in lesbians with each other (I’m all for lesbian subtext, but wow!), and songs that although nice on the ears, I think probably was only neccessary for selling CDs. I heard this show has it’s fair share of a fanbase during its run. Sadly, I just wasn’t one of them. I’ll still watch the next season, though. [Score: 6.5]

No need to apologize, Kurisu. Seeing you in a catgirl-meido outfit was well worth the wait.

Steins;Gate Episode 25 – Egoistic Poriomania
I gotta admit, I was surprised with this special. I originally was hoping that this would show some of the stuff that was in the visual novel that didn’t get adapted into anime form, but instead they just go with an original story. Most OVA episodes I watch doesn’t usually continue where the main story leaves off, instead just being regular humor/fanservice episodes, but this episode managed to be that, introduce a certain plot-important character, and kinda sorta resolve a plot thread that was still left hanging when the series ended. Either way, I still enjoyed watching this and now all that’s left is to wait for the movie. [Score: 9]

Pink-haired incest-obsessed yandere sister is just one of the things wrong with this show.

Guilty Crown
Well, what can I say that hasn’t been said about Guilty Crown other than it was hyped to the point to say that it let all our expectations down is an understatement? And the majority of us was stupid enough to fall for it too… Don’t give me that look; we’re all guilty here! I know alot of you won’t agree with me here, but I liked this show… despite the fact that the second half was filled with so much incest subtext, boneheaded decisions made by equally boneheaded characters, plot elements that are almost never explained, and a story that only mostly makes sense to no one outside of the writing staff. It makes the first half seem somewhat better in comparison. What with all these issues I have, I honestly should give it a score lower than what I’m giving it, but to me, this anime is a guilty pleasure. Believe me, there are a lot worse out there. [Score: 7]

Pink-haired unsympathetic yandere girlfriend is just one of the things wrong with this show.

The Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)
Speaking of shows with a second half inferior to the first: If you recall, I was quite favorable of this show, despite the fact that half of the cast act like sanity is nonexistent  But to be honest, I didn’t find this show as great as everyone said it would be, and the people who stated that the only reason to watch the show for Yuno must be lying. Honestly, she’s easily the most unsympathetic, terrible character in this show, and how Yukiteru is able to put up with the bitch who I’m absolutely sure made his life worse is beyond me. Aside from that, the last stretch of the story is convoluted and the animation tends to look like crap half the time. It was good and I don’t regret watching it, but as far as I’m concerned, Yuno pretty much singlehandedly brought the show down a point for me. [Score: 7.5]

Little does Yosuke know that he was always a part of Yu’s harem from the very beginning. That’s just how swagtastic he is.

Persona 4 the Animation
Since I’ve never played the video game, I can only talk about how it rates as an anime and not how faithfully it adapts the source material. I’ve started to grow an interest in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise starting with Devil Survivor on the Nintendo DS and Persona 4 really helps to pull me in as well. Yu Narukami could probably be one of the best protagonists I’ve seen in awhile, which is really funny considering he’s based off of a characters whose decisions, as well as those around him, are based on the player. This is a show where I liked almost everything; the story, the characters, everything. There’s probably a flaw somewhere, but Persona 4‘s too good that I can’t find it. Speaking of which, I’m highly looking forward to the adaptation of Devil Survivor 2 coming this Spring, which will also be directed by the same person as this. [Score: 9]

“So here’s the thing, Ichigo: TV Tokyo has decided that since our show is boring, they’re replacing us with Rock Lee.”

[Dropped, 237 /366] Yeah, you know what? I fell behind the [adult swim]/Toonami broadcast and just decided “Screw it”. I was gonna drop it anyway after the Zanpaku-to filler arc, but I got bored with it alot sooner than I thought. The story arcs are way too drawn out. Oh wait, I forgot. Kubo doesn’t draw anything out. Just look at those backgrounds! (Rimshot) And the anime is no better with random fillers thrown in the middle of canon. It’s ridiculous! I’ve decided to drop the anime to read the manga (the same way I did with Naruto after the Sasuke Retrieval arc), but even that seems to get weaker with each passing volume. Seriously, what’s the deal? It started out cool in the first couple story arcs, then it just became a Dragon Ball Z clone, only with a villain who’s way too overpowered. [Score: 7]

Spring Season

Here’s a fun fact: Palutena’s Revolting Dinner was one of my top posts for about a few months. And I know the reason why…

Kid Icarus: Uprising Anime Shorts
Not sure if this counts as Winter or Spring, but whatever. I’m reviewing these individually.
Thanatos Rising: I’m basically a Production I.G fanboy. I guess that was the reason why I sat through Guilty Crown to the end. That aside, I enjoyed watching this for the CGI, which, I think, looks better than the actual game, which doesn’t look bad.
Medusa’s Revenge: I think I enjoyed this one the most of the three. Not only because it was more darker than the other two, but it serves as a nice backstory and exposition of the first game before leading up to Uprising, which I barely play because the game is freakin’ hard!!
Palutena’s Revolting Dinner: Well, I guess I can’t say I’ve never watched a Shaft anime anymore. Between this and Thanatos Rising, they’re pretty even with each other. Although this one focused less on action and backstory, and more on comedy and fanservice. Admit it, you all wanted that Palutena fanservice 😉 . [Overall Score: 7.5]

Kouga sheds a tear of happiness over his new superhero suit. Meanwhile, I shed a tear of sadness over how disappointing this show was.

[Dropped, 5/13] *sigh* How did one of the more promising-looking shows become such of a disappointment? I mean, Wow. This show opened out pretty good, only to get weaker and weaker with each passing episode. And that’s because TMS rushed the manga out and made it a complete mess. I haven’t read the manga so I honestly don’t know how much was cut out, so most of the stuff I heard about it was from word of mouth, but I knew there was definitely something wrong when they did two timeskips in four episodes. Two timeskips! One thing is for sure: I would easily recommend reading the manga over watching the anime. [Score: 6]

I’ve come to realize that Tsubaki and Urabe’s drool thing is their unique way of kissing. Now if Urabe traded drool with another girl, would that count as a kiss too?

Mysterious Girlfriend X (Nazo no Kanojo X)
Quite the unusual one, this show is. I think that’s why I liked it, because it was out of the norm of what I watch. If you recall my First Impressions post, I wasn’t very favorable of it, mainly because of how vomit-inducing the fact that Tsubaki got addicted to Urabe’s drool. But as I continued to watch it, I actually grew quite fond of it. Not the drool part, mind you. That part I’ve gotten used to over time, but I still think it was pretty blech. I am quite favorable of the 90’s-style art direction. Ah, the 90’s. Good times. The weirdest thing here is Tsubaki and Urabe’s relationship. All they do is just trade drool with each other. I’ve seen most potential love interests in other series that has gotten farther than these two… [Score: 7.5]

“Just so you know, I once beat up a teddy bear. Yeah, that’s right. James Franco was me.”

I always tend to look shows differently from what it eventually turns out to be whenever I read the synopsis for the first time. I had to read tsuritama‘s synopsis at least five times for it to sink into my mind (No pun intended). This show here is pretty out there, just like [C], which shares the same director. Aliens going fishing? That’s a pretty out there premise, if you ask me. I really enjoyed the characters and their bonding over fishing and the colorful presentation. But wow, did this show get serious during the second half of the series. Like, somebody almost died. That aside, it was a very fun experience. [Score: 8]

Usually it's the guy who walks in on the girl taking a bath, not the other way around. Kaoru should've thrown that bucket at Ritsuko. It would've made this scene more complete.

Usually it’s the guy who walks in on the girl taking a bath, not the other way around. Kaoru should’ve thrown that bucket at Ritsuko. It would’ve made this scene more complete.

Kids on the Slope (Sakamichi no Apollon)
I’m not a fan of the music genre in anime, or jazz in general. However, I couldn’t pass up watching this anime, mainly for the reason why I bet most people watched this series. Because it reunites the director and music composer for Cowboy Bebop, which you most likely have seen at least once if you’ve watched [adult swim] for as long as I have. Aside from that, very rarely do I fall for an anime by the first episode alone and it sticks that way. Just like Persona 4, I liked everything about this show; story, characters, everything. Probably the best show of the Spring. [Score: 9]

My mind’s telling me “Yeah”, but my body’s telling me “Yeah.” …OK, you know what? They’re both right.

Is this a Zombie? of the Dead (Kore wa Zombie desu ka? of the Dead)
Our time together was short-lived, Yuu… Looking back at the first season, I have no bloody idea how it ever got an 8 from me. It’s one of the most silliest shows I’ve ever seen in awhile. I suppose that’s why I liked it… and because Yuu is the best girl in that show. Her character is so intriguing and she’s like at least the majority of the reason why I liked this show. So how does the second season hold up? Well, episode length notwithstanding (10 episodes? WTF, Kadokawa?), everything that I liked about the first season was completely downplayed. I just found Chris as more of a troll than actual threat, and nothing much was accomplished. They’d better get a third season to make up for this and it better end with Ayumu and Yuu as Official Couple, or else… Oh, and Haruna’s still an annoying little twerp, by the way. [Score: 7]

“You see, Banagher, we here at Londo Bell set wimpy Gundam pilots straight by slapping them silly. Lucky for you, other people seem to have done my job for me.”

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
[Progress: 5/7] Well, it took me awhile, but I’m now up to date with this series and I gotta say… I am very disappointed that a Brightslap hasn’t yet occured. Anyway, those six months really pay off for what could possibly be my favorite Gundam UC-verse, tied with Zeta and 08th MS Team. What’s gonna happen to Riddhe, I wonder? He’s probably gonna use the Unicorn Banshee against Banagher, what with the way he was glancing at it… So apparently, there are now two more episodes to be produced, with the 7th and final to be more than an hour long. Bummer, I was really looking forward to wrapping up this show this year. There must be too much content from the novels to fit within 6 50-minute episodes without omitting anything or making a total rushjob of it. Urgh, I don’t want to wait a whole year for the next episode. How am I supposed to get my Gundam fix?! [Score: 8.5]

What with Chihiro’s odd fascination for the undead, I bet he has the potential to create a zombie porno.

OK, I know I said that I might blog this, and I probably would’ve if I wasn’t already juggling between tsuritama and Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean,  and other personal stuff. So… Yeah, sorry. Anyway, this wasn’t what I initially expected. Why did I think this was gonna be a comedy again? It probably is, but with alot of drama. Although, it doesn’t seem to stay on that set path. I thought this was gonna be 13 episodes, but apparently not. I think that probably got scrapped, because what with the way the last episode ended, it kinda looked like it was gonna lead into another episode, or maybe another season. Not sure if there might be another season since there’s probably not enough content from the source to make one yet, though. [Score: 7]

Yet Another epic troll. I gotta admit, this had me on edge as much as that clever little stunt with the watermelon back in Episode 8.

Another Episode 0 – The Other ~Inga~
I’m keeping this one short since Episode 0 didn’t show anything new plot-wise outside of fleshing out Mei’s touchy-feely relationship with her cousin/twin sister up until her passing. It does more or less explain why Mei was so withdrawn during the series until she met Kouichi. It was a good watch, but it just wasn’t anything that wasn’t already mentioned in the series. It’s probably best to recommend watching this episode first before starting the series. [Score: 8]

Summer Season

“But, Erica, we’ve only just met.” No seriously, they only just met and already she thinks they’re supposedly a couple. News flash, you whore: Romance does not work that way!

[Dropped, 2/13] There are times when you just hate it when you’re right. I get that alot. That turned out to be the case with Campione!. Why was I ever interested in this show in the first place? Aside from Kore wa Zombie desu ka? and Haganai, I’ve hated recent harem anime nowadays! This started with a less than average first episode and then it crashed and burned immediately in the second episode thanks to generic harem antics and lack of anything humorous, and the attempts at Godou’s and Erica’s so-called “romance” is one-sided and forced; no real chemistry to it or anything. Two episodes of this was more than enough for me to take. Move along, folks. Nothing to see here other than rotten shit not even worth a second of your time. [Score: 4]

A month and a half later, that mousepad became a reality.

Binbougami ga!
Can we call this one “Kana Hanazawa chews the scenery for 13 episodes?” Because that’s basically what it is: Ichiko screaming her lungs out amidst the insanity that is surrounding her. Add to that so many anime references (This show just loves referencing Dragon Ball Z) and the obvious lack of a fourth wall and you have one of my favorite comedy anime of the year, and probably the only good thing I watched this summer. Second season when, Sunrise? [Score: 8]

Well, it's certainly something that probably isn't a banana at all. Thank God she didn't eat a gel-banana.

Well, it’s certainly something that probably isn’t a banana at all. Thank God she didn’t eat a gel-banana.

Humanity has Declined (Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita)
I jumped into this one late so I didn’t watch this AIC A.S.T.A. adaptation of Romeo Tanaka’s light novel series during the summer. I wish I did; I most likely would’ve blogged it if I knew it was going to be this surreal. And I thought Black★Rock Shooter and Kyousougiga were big on WTF. I couldn’t help but laugh at the series’ dark sense of humor. I feel kinda wrong… I wasn’t aware that the show follows an anachronic order similar to Haruhi Suzumiya, so sometime I’ll have to rewatch this series in the correct order. My score most likely won’t change, regardless. [Score: 8.5]

Fall Season

“Man, this Kyousougiga show. I think the writers were on drugs or something when making this series.”

Yeeeeaaaah, no. Still couldn’t make heads-or-tails of this, but to he honest, I actually was able to understand this somewhat better than last year’s edition. Believe you me, there are alot more weirder shows out there than this. *points upward* [Score: 7.5]

This guy actually catches the fucking RPG. It’s always supposed to work against an enemy. No exceptions!

Resident Evil: Damnation
Like I mentioned before, the live-action Resident Evil movies stink. The movies set in the game continuity are better, but it’s prequel, Resident Evil: Degeneration, had its issues. It was an otherwise solid movie brought down thanks to Leon going from a sarcastic badass in Resident Evil 4 to just being a real dick. No, seriously. Anyway, he’s not a dick in this one, and his snarkiness is back (He’s probably more snarkier than ever). That aside, this one I found better than Degeneration. Alot more action-packed and Leon was back to the hilariously awful sarcasm-blurting Leon I knew. Special mention goes to the fight scene between Ada and Svetlana, both of which does some crazy shit in skirts and heels.  I could go on forever, but I won’t. By the way, who was Ada talking to at the end? It was probably mentioned in Resident Evil 6[Score: 8.5]

I’ll give you points for referencing Soul Eater, considering Elena and Maka share the same seiyuu. Other than that, what the hell were the writers thinking? Wait… That is the wrong question because that would mean they would actually have to be thinking when writing something like this.

Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean Episode 8.5 – Jungfrau no Hanabana-tachi
This OVA was so bad, I can only describe it on Tumblr[Score: 3.5]

You’re not you when you’re hungry. Znickers zatisfies.

Blast of Tempest (Zetsuen no Tempest: The Civilization Blaster)
[Progress: 12/24] I get the feeling that I set my expectations a bit too high for this one. Granted, it’s kept me interested and I like where it’s going, but I think it hasn’t achieved its full potential. I mean, damn. The story keeps turning itself on its head too fast for me to keep up. Hopefully, it’ll get better in the next season. [Current Score: 7.5]

He says that so casually. It’s as if Shiro is used to people trying to kill him on a daily basis.

Remember when I said Guilty Crown had “All style but no substance?” Yeah, that same thing applies to K as well. This show is very appealing to the eyes, wide range of interesting characters (Except for one certain dumbass annoying cat girl), and a cool soundtrack, but the lack of a coherent and sometimes inconsistent (I’m certain that the airing order of two episodes were switched) plot, plotlines that only leads to nowhere other than fanservice causes all that to fall apart. I’m not one to complain about fanservice in a show, but the fanservice in this show is just terrible. It’s like a big slap in the face for anyone who decided to watch this show because they looked at the 100 key visuals and thought it might be good, like myself. Yeah, a plot does kinda sorta develop in the second half, but as far as I was concerned, I stopped caring at that point and wondered if K stood for “Krap.” For some reason, this is getting a second season. Damn those fujoshi… [Score: 4.5]

Apparently, Himiko's boobs are great for deflecting bombs. Now I'm wondering why she doesn't have this skill in BTOOOM!. It sure would've came in handy.

Apparently, Himiko’s boobs are great for deflecting bombs. Now I’m wondering why she doesn’t have this skill in BTOOOM!. It sure would’ve came in handy.

I suppose you can compare this to Sword Art Online in a way; main character finds himself stuck in a video game, only in BTOOOM! he’s stuck in a real-life version of the game. Heck, you might as well say this is what Sword Art Online should’ve been like, only with explosions and that it actually stays to its concept and any attempts at romance are actually believable and plausible! Anyway, this show was a blast to watch (pun intended). Although, Sakamoto is rather dumb for a non-shonen protagonist. I guess this level of idiocy is to be expected from a NEET. To be honest, that experience he gained from playing BTOOOM! does help him out in the long run. You could probably say that the reason he and his friends were able to survive is because they played BTOOOM! and know exactly how the game works. [Score: 7.5]

Zookeper, zookeeper! Those two monkeys are killing each other!!

Zookeper, Zookeeper! Those two monkeys are killing each other!!

From the New World (Shin Sekai Yori)
[Progress: 13/25] It’s rather hard to believe that A-1 Pictures is capable of adapting something so unspeakably awful and something so unspeakably great at the same time. Honestly, I couldn’t help but stand in awe while watching each episode chronicling the misadventures of the group of telekinetic bonobo teenagers. This is my favorite show of the fall season, aside from Psycho-Pass. Unfortunately, I can’t place neither of them on any of my favorites of the year since it hasn’t finished yet. Oh, well. To be continued next season… [Current Score: 8.5]

Really now? Sakura calls the puppy "Puppy". Who does that?!

Really now? Sakura calls the puppy “Puppy”. Who does that?!

Code: Breaker
This show opened up to me in a very interesting way. You have a group of your shonen protagonists with these superpowers up and kill the bad guy. Usually in most series I watch, most bad guys are only killed by their own bad karma and not by the protagonists, or if it is done by the protagonist, it might’ve been neccessary. I really like the concept of “commiting evil to eliminate the greater evil.” In the end, this only became just another standard shonen series with potential that was unfortunately untapped. I really did want to like this series too… [Score: 6.5]

And I'd bet that Shion's probably not even wearing a bra.

And I’d bet that Shion’s probably not even wearing a bra.

[Progress: 11/22] After Guilty Crown and Sword Art Online, I pretty much decided to not let myself get interested in any show by hype alone. I’ve been pretty cautious on not getting too excited about this show, but so far, it has impressed me and hasn’t let me down. It really shows that it stems alot from Ghost in the Shell. which most people, myself included, consider to be one of Production I.G’s finest works. Hopefully, if it continues at this stride, it’ll at least be something noteworthy to come out of Production I.G in awhile. [Current Score: 8.5]

"Kore wa anime dewanai. Robotics;Notes de aru!"

“Kore wa anime dewanai. Robotics;Notes de aru!”

[Progress: 11/22] Let’s see… Solar storm conspiracies, anime production staff murdered, human cultivation project. This isn’t exactly what I signed up for when I said I would blog this show. Then again, considering this is a series with a semicolon in the title, I should’ve seen this coming; And I know I was probably in the wrong to expect it to be at the same caliber that Steins;Gate set last year, but it’s holding strong on its own for sure. Looking forward to watching more in the next season. [Current Score: 7.5]

Seriously, Tejirof. Could you make that sound any more sexual?

Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de
[Progress: 2/?] This show isn’t exactly going in the direction I hoped for, nor does it make use of the video game concept outside of having characters and such named after them. Also, considering how this is based from the rivalry between Sega and Nintendo, I think we have a clear idea how this will end. Yeah, I don’t think this’ll actually be effective at all. Plus, with such an odd schedule it has, I’m bound to forget about this show once an episode actually airs. [Current Score: 5] 


I came… to this city to give you a message: Puzzles on Motorcycles!

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle
I never expected this show to get any extra seasons, but it did. I take back everything I said about this being like Professor Layton; the puzzles in this show are way too complex. It’s still like Yu-Gi-Oh!, though. Both seasons are basically on the same level, although I found the second season marginally superior to the first, so the score I’m giving it applies to both. The third season is set to air next year and I’ve stuck with it this far, So why not? As long as Nonoha lets her hair down more often, I’m down. [Score: 7.5]

Living the dream of every single kid that grew up in the ’90s.

[Progress: 84/?] I never thought I would be watching any long-runners anytime soon, yet I feel that Toriko has yet to lose any of its steam from the previous year. In fact, I think it’s gotten more steam. I’m going to miss the Century Soup arc very much, especially Granny Setsu hamming out the words “Century Soup.” Zebra is a badass, even though half the time he looks like he’s about to rape someone. I always fail at Gourmet Fortune. As long as the manga continues to run and Toei continues adapting it into anime form and as long as it stays fun to watch, I’ll have no problems continuing this. [Current Score: 8]

“Giovanni!” “”Ash!”
“Giovanni!!” “”Ash!!”
“IT’S ON!”

Pokémon Best Wishes!
[Progress: Season 1 Complete, Season 2: 23/?] So it seems that the writers have found what works with PokémonBest Wishes! basically combines the good filler and subplots of Diamond & Pearl with the pacing of the Indigo League saga, and the end result is something that has shattered the status quo that the anime has established and always kept doing in the past decade or so. Ash got his eight badges and caught himself nine Unova Pokémon all within the first season. That Junior Cup arc was a debacle; Trip’s Serperior is broken!! Also, that Team Rocket two-parter was epic. I mean, if it had Ash finally battling Giovanni, then it’s guaranteed to be epic. I mean, it was only for two minutes, but… Best two minutes ever! Speaking of Trip’s broken Serperior, it finally got what it deserved in the Unova League. Next year will see the end of the Unova League, the return of Team Rocket, the first official appearance of Team Plasma, as well as N. Again, like Phi Brain, same score applies for both seasons. [Current Score: 8]

That feel when Sayo realized that she had the hots for an 11-year old for about 20 episodes…

Recorder and Randsell
I think this show’s purpose was supposed to be a potshot against shotacons and lolicons. Well, when I first started watched this show, I thought it was fine. I thought I was gonna like this more than Morita-san wa Mukuchi, but apparently not. Morita-san had some humorous moments and although this did as well, Recorder‘s humor became stale after awhile, particularly the gag where Atsushi gets mistaken for a pedophile and subsequently arrested. I found the second season to be marginally superior to the first because the humor wasn’t as overdone. My only overall complaint was that we never saw much into Atsumi’s life. It makes sense not to focus on her since she’s the older, more experienced sibling, but it still would’ve been nice. [Score: 6 (Do♪), 6.5 (Re♪)]

Lucky pig, getting kissed by a girl who’s obviously out of his league.

Accel World
I don’t exactly know how or why I put up with watching this show. Sadly, whatever factors were just not enough for me to actually enjoy it. Sure, the avatar designs are awesome, the premise is interesting, and some of the fight scenes are cool when they’re not trying to be Pokémon battles. However, the story and its execution is crap, the main leads are uninteresting, especially the whiny little fatass shit Haruyuki who deserves to get slugged in the face everytime he starts being a crybaby (In case you didn’t know, I jumped for joy when Taku did that) and Kuroyuki-hime who’d rather be a sex object than a good character, Reki Kawahara’s trademark bad wish fulfillment writing, and too much boring exposition to the point that I wish they would just shut up already. If I wanted boring exposition, I’d pop in Metroid: Other M! At least with that, I’m paying some attention. The only time this show actually seems to be somewhat interesting is when it’s doing harem and fanservice antics. Certainly there’s something wrong with a show if it has to stoop that low. [Score: 5]

I heard not alot of people was fond of this show, probably the butthurt Bleach fanboys. All I can say is “Does Bleach have a moe guy with twintails?”

Rock Lee and his Ninja Pals (Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden)
[Progress: 39/?] Yeah, yeah, yeah. This show replaced Bleach, so what? I’ve already said what I have to say about Bleach, so I’ll spare you the talk. Well, I liked this show. I don’t really get about all the flak it’s been geting. It’s not one of the best comedy shows I’ve seen in the past several years, but it makes me laugh, and that’s enough for me. I just hope it doesn’t run for too long (50 to 52 episodes seems good enough) or the show runs the risk of its humor becoming dry. [Current Score: 7]

Trying to figure out how the sloth is more popular than every other character, Ivica? Yeah, me too.

Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean
The issue with Astral Ocean is that it completely misses the point of what made its prequel (or is it a sequel? I don’t know. The writers probably don’t, either.) series great. This was more action-orientated, but Eureka Seven mixed in romance, character and a coherent plot. Astral Ocean is like a whole flight of stairs down compared to Eureka Seven; even the animation looks so stiff. Eureka Seven was made in 2005 and yet it looks way better than this. Story-wise, the first half holds up pretty well as a standalone series with some ties to the original series, even though it was mostly being an Neon Genesis Evangelion clone. Then the second half happens, the show starts trying to become a sequel (or prequel?) and it becomes a mess because it doesn’t explain stuff, and when it does, it’s either at the last minute or never clear to anyone. It wasn’t an awful watch, but I expected alot better from Bones, especially considering the namesake. [Score: 5.5]

Spoken like a true soldier. Unfortunately for Yamamoto, he’s just an expendable side character, so his death isn’t worth two shits.

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse
I don’t think this show fully understand the current crisis, or maybe it just forgot. “Man-eating aliens are bringing humanity to the brink of extinction? Bitch, please. We’re going to the beach.” Those aliens must be really patient. Either that, or they’re busy chomping down on some other unfortunate fella, or maybe they just went home. Although the mech designs and battles were cool to watch, I found it hard for me to follow Yuuya’s story. It caught me off-guard that he was supposed to be the protagonist instead of Yui. I just found the first two episodes very solid; the rest of the show was okay, but not enough to really get me into it. It really starts to get sidetracked in the second half. Why does most shows I’ve watched this year have such a lame second half? [Score: 6.5]

Not even a Gary Stu like Kirito stands a chance against an immortal wall.

Sword Art Online
Good Lord, how people actually think this show is godly is beyond my comprehension. I’m looking directly at you, MyAnimeList! This is clearly the most overrated, overhyped, terrible, facepalm-worthy, “Oh my God, this makes Twilight look like Romeo & Juliet“, rotten piece of shit anime of the year all time. This started out with a very good premise; thousands of players stuck in a MMORPG with the only way out is either victory or death, and the first few episodes succeeded in showing the drama. However, the rest of the show decided to throw the established premise and the potential of what should’ve been a pretty good show out the window in favor for an godawful show with awkward pacing, contrived and forced drama, bad writing leading to inconsistent characters (If there was any character to these cardboard cutouts to begin with) and blatant plot holes, the two idiotic and uninteresting Gary Stu and Mary Sue protagonists (Reki Kawahara must have a knack for writing bad protagonists) and their equally idiotic and uninteresting romance that pretty much hijacked the plot, which only takes off only about a third of the series run and is minuscule at most because everything else prefers to ignore the original set goal, Deus ex Machinas pulled straight out of their asses, lazy animation in action scenes with single still-frames. And that’s just the first arc of the show. Oh no, it gets much worse from there. The ALO arc is so much worse. They recycled the same game mechanics of SAO for ALO just so the Gary Stu gets to keep his godly stats. Talk about laziness, both in-universe and out. Not to mention the Mary Sue being reduced to more than nothing than a stupid-ass, worthless as fuck damsel in distress who stands around and lets herself get molested. And fuckin’ everybody gets NTR’d. Then, the show has the audacity to put fuckin’ tentacle rape. FUCK THIS SHOW!!! FUCK IT TO HELL!!! Fuck A-1 Pictures for adapting it (Shin Sekai and tsuritama are awesome series BTW). Fuck MAL for overrating it!!! Fuck Reki Kawahara for being a shitty Wish Fullfillment fanfic writer!!! FUCK EVERYTHING!!!!! *hyperventilates* This show does everything wrong that it’s hard for me to actually believe anyone can like this show. This is undoubtedly the worst piece of media in existence and it must be avoided at all costs. [Score: 0]

Toonami/[adult swim]

Toonami’s back, bitches… for about 7 months and counting. A rather successful 7 months, if I do say so. Don’t forget to follow the official Toonami Tumblr for the latest Toonami news and updates straight from the source.

So if you might’ve heard, TV trends on Twitter will soon count towards the Nielsen ratings. Meaning since you’ll see some Toonami series trend every weekend night. If you have a Twitter account and watch Toonami, join in and tweet when its on. The hashatgs are as follows: #Bleach, #Naruto, #Thundercats, #Samurai7, #SymBionicTitan, #Eureka7, #TenchiMuyoGXP (Yes, we have to get this trending too), #FMABrotherhood, #CowboyBebop, #Inuyasha. During show broadcasts, use Toonami without the hashtag. Using more than one hashtag in a tweet won’t count.

See Winter Season section.

Deadman Wonderland
I don’t recall this show having so much swearing the last time I watched it. Really, Minatsuki is one fucking potty mouth. This and Panty & Stocking has got to be FUNimation’s most curse-filled dubs. It didn’t get too gratuitous, but wow. For more on what I thought of it, see 2011 Anime in Review.

Casshern Sins
Second time rewatching this, there are some things I never noticed, like how Braiking Boss does nothing but troll everybody. As much as I liked this series, my suspiscions were mostly on point. It has some action but it was very heavy on dialogue, and most dialogue-heavy series don’t perform well on Toonami/[adult swim]. If I recall correctly, it didn’t really rack in as much ratings as Deadman Wonderland or Samurai 7 did. Either way, I still enjoyed it. [Score: 8.5]

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
[Progress: Season 1 Complete, 2nd GIG: 9/26] Why haven’t I watched this sooner? Like I mentioned before, Ghost in the Shell may be one of Production I.G’s greatest works and it definitely shows. It’s hard to believe that this was made in the early-mid 2000s and is just as good as, if not better than, anime of today. Really something I highly recommend watching. [Current Score: 9]

Samurai 7
[Progress: 20/26] I was planning on watching the original Akira Kurosawa film but never got around to. I mean, I borrowed it from the library and everything; the DVD was sitting right there! Well, having no knowledge of the film didn’t hinder my enjoyment, though. Might as well call it Samurai 6 since one of them was killed off. This is pretty much the only new Toonami/[adult swim] show that I have never watched before besides Sym-Bionic Titan that I’ve enjoyed, and I’ve already bought the DVD set. [Current Score: 8]

Eureka Seven
[Rewatching, 20/50] I wasn’t planning on rewatching this soon, but it coming to Toonami pretty much made me. Yep, this show is just as good as I’ve watched it a few years ago. Hopefully, this means that previous [adult swim] anime series will get their chance on Toonami. Now Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean on Toonami? Back when this show was announced, I was all for that idea. Now, I’m on the maybe side. If anyone who watched Eureka Seven wanted to watch Astral Ocean, I would tell them not be surprised if it doesn’t live up to the same expections. [Score: 9]

Sym-Bionic Titan
I forgot to post the news then DeMarco announced that Toonami expanded to six hours long and that Sym-Bionic Titan and Thundercats (2011) would be added to the lineup. It’s good to see Toonami adding some variety with some western animation. I’ve only seen several episodes of Sym-Bionic Titan and I liked what I saw. If I knew Gennedy Tartakovsky created it, I would’ve watched it sooner. Watching it kind gave me an idea why this show didn’t do so well on Cartoon Network. So much adult humor. SHAKE IT, BAKE IT, BOOTY QUAKE IT, ROLL IT AROUND! …Sorry… That song is stuck in my head.

Thundercats (2011)
Not much of a fan of Thundercats in general, but I watched a few episodes of it and thought it was pretty good.

Tenchi Muyo! GXP
[Progress: 8/26] This show is dumb. To be honest, I’ve survived much, much, muuuuch worse, so I’ve learned to endure GXP‘s idiocy. For some odd reason, I’m actually finding myself enjoying it because it’s bad, not the same enjoyment as Blood-C. However at this point, watching it is a chore. Whenever I say that, that means watching it is at the lowest priority. Fortunately, the ratings for the past few weekends prove that the entire block performs better when its placed right before the reruns as opposed to it being placed after Bleach[Score: 4.5]

I pretty much said that I probably wouldn’t watch Naruto unless I was bored. I was pretty much under the impression that Toonami wouldn’t do long-runners since it’s only on once every week. Bleach only gets a pass since its been on [adult swim] since 2006, and it’s about to end in 80 or so episodes. At 220 episodes, airing once per week, this show will be here for at least four more years.

The Best/Worst of the Year

Best Opening Themes
The Everlasting Guilty Crown – EGOIST (Guilty Crown OP2)
Dead End – Faylan (Future Diary OP2)
Chase the World – May’n (Accel World OP1)
crossing field – LiSA (Sword Art Online OP1)
BravBlue – FLOW (Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean OP2)
Spirit Inspiration – Nothing’s Carved in Stone (Blast of Tempest OP)
No Pain, No Game – nano (BTOOOM! OP1)
abnormalize – Ling Tosite Sigure (Psycho-Pass OP)
Junjou Spectra – Zwei (Robotics;Notes OP1)

Best Ending Themes
SM Hantei Forum – Tomokazu Sugita (Inu × Boku ED5)
Twinkle Twinkle – Secret (Rock Lee ED1)
Monster Without a Name (Namae no nai Kaibutsu) – EGOIST (Psycho-Pass ED1)
Umikaze no Brave – fumika (Robotics;Notes ED1)
Carry On – Anna Tsuchiya (Resident Evil: Damnation ED)

Best Characters (Male)
Shoukin Kagerou (Inu × Boku Secret Service)
Yu Narukami (Persona 4)
Yomotsu Hirasawa (The Future Diary)
Genjuurou Kazanari (Senki Zesshou Symphogear)
Takumu Mayuzumi/Cyan Pile (Accel World)
Ash Roller (Accel World)
Bright Noah (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn)
Anderson (Kore wa Zombie desu ka? of the Dead)
Ryoutaro Tsuboi/Klein (Sword Art Online)
Shogo Makishima (Psycho-Pass)
Saruhiko Fushimi (K)
Zebra (Toriko)

Best Characters (Female)
Mei Misaki (Another)
Izumi Akazawa (Another)
Ririchiyo Shirakiin (Inu × Boku Secret Service)
Karuta Roromiya (Inu × Boku Secret Service)
Tsugumi (Guilty Crown)
Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4)
Minene Uryu (The Future Diary)
Yuniko Kozuki/Scarlet Rain (Accel World)
Mero Furuya (Sankarea)
Eucliwood Hellscythe (Kore wa Zombie desu ka? of the Dead)
The unnamed protagonist/The Mediator/Watashi (Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita)
Keiko Ayano/Silica (Sword Art Online)
Anna Kushina (K)
Nae Tennouji (Robotics;Notes)
Kona Furugoori/Frau Koujiro (Robotics;Notes)

Best Characters (Animal)
Tapioca (tsuritama)
Noa (Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean)

Worst Characters (Male)
Haruyuki Arita/Silver Crow (Accel World)
Seiji Nomi/Dusk Taker (Accel World)
Truth (Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean)
Kazuto Kirigaya/Kirito (Sword Art Online)
Akihiko Kayaba/Heathcliff (Sword Art Online)
Nobuyuki Sugou/Fairy King, Oberon (Sword Art Online)

Worst Characters (Female)
Arisa Kuhouin (Guilty Crown)
Inori Yuzuriha (Guilty Crown)
Yuno Gasai (The Future Diary)
Kuroyuki-hime/Black Lotus (Accel World)
Haruna (Kore wa Zombie desu ka? of the Dead)
Erica Blandelli (Campione!)
Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)
Yui (Sword Art Online)
Neko (K)

Top 5 of the Year (Movies, OVAs, and TV series that haven’t finished yet do not count.)
1. Another
2. Persona 4
3. Kids on the Slope (Sakamichi no Apollon)
4. (tie) Inu × Boku Secret Service, Humanity has Declined (Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita)
5. tsuritama

Bottom 5 of the Year
5. Eureka Seven: Astral Ocean
4. Accel World
3. K
2. Campione!
1. Sword Art Online

Well, that just about wraps it for 2012. I’ll see you next year. I need to go get wasted.

4 thoughts on “2012 Anime in Review

  1. Ryan Alex McPherson

    Okay, I’m not even sure you deserve to be an anime reviewer based on your remarks about Sword Art Online. An anime reviewer is supposed to be neutral for the most part, not going to one extreme or the other over an anime, but you went beyond full blown extreme negative about that show. The way you described it is that you made it sound worse than the Black Plague. I’ve watched the series and it’s fairly good, the pacing and awkward character development are major faults SAO has but it’s nowhere near the eyes and ears vomit you claim it to be.

    1. DarkstarZero Post author

      Well, that’s your opinion. Me, it was the absolute worst. Maybe I wouldn’t be so negative towards it if it was actually written with some effort and not relied on catering to otaku fetishes so much that it’s a downright insult.

  2. NeutralAnon

    wew yuno gasai as worst female character? how could it be she’s funny and scary at the same time, very animated and not some regular female protagonist, it’s outside of the box character..that you dont normally see often on an anime character. well its just my opinion anyway, but tbh im sick of the usual female characters out there, smart, good, kind, damsel in distress, i could go on. i think being in that anime plot will really make you insane, and by that she isn’t your regular female character 😛


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