AMNESIA (First Impressions)

Screenshot - 1_8_2013 , 10_23_03 AMYay, finally I get to watch a half-hour series this season! Although, this one seems to be on the mysteious side. This ought to be good… I hope.

AMNESIA is Brains Base’s adaptation of Otomate’s PlayStation Portable otome visual novel. Our heroine (No name given as of now) awakens with absolutely no recollection of anything before August 1st and surrounded by familiar people that are unfamiliar to her. An otherworldly spirit named Orion appears before her. He explains that he is responsible for her memory loss by merging with her mind four days ago, and that she can regain her memories by interacting with her friends and co-workers and realizing her connections with them.

Well, obviously the big mystery here seems to be what are the events that transpired that led to the heroine losing her memor, and her relationships with the people she knows. I get the feeling that the first episode left me in the dark, which, I suppose, adds to the sense of mystery. Then again, not even the heroine herself knows what’s going on. I can say it’s got me interested, so far.

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