Robotics;Notes #12: Robotics;Fears

Spoiler: This episode lacks Frau Bow.

Spoiler: This episode lacks Frau Bow.

Um… Hooray, Robotics;Notes is back for its second half…

I don’t know, after watching the PV for the second half, I’m not too excited about what’s gonna happen. Some real shit is gonna go down from here on in.

Despite Misaki telling him to forget everything related to Kou Kimijima, Kai is still curious and goes to get Kimijima Report No. 4. The flags to unlock this report are:
1: Find Kimijima Report No. 3.
2: Upload photographs of rocket launches to IRUO taken from the four recommended points on Tanegashima.
3: Test-fire a geotagged matchlock gun at least once.
4: Activate Gojiro-kun, which is stored at the clinic.

Anyway, JAXA has lent a warehouse to the club so they can use it to build GunBuild-2. They also plan to use it to fix GUNVARREL’s reputation after it was wrecked after the final episode was leaked online. Jun then gets a call from her dad, and finds out that her grandfather is in the hospital.

We all saw this coming...

We all saw this coming…

She goes to pay him a visit, but he doesn’t want to see her. Mitchi, however, was able to visit Doc and found out that he’s in very bad shape, both physically and emotionally. He’s planning on closing his shop. At the same time, Jun is considering leaving the Robot Research Club.

Kai hears from Mizuki that Doc used to work for NASDA, which would eventually convert into JAXA. He opened the Robo Clinic 18 years ago as a children’s place, but shut it down after an accident 11 years ago. One of the robots Doc built broke down and fell on Junna. Since then, she’s had a fear of robots.

Screenshot - 1_11_2013 , 8_10_29 PM

Aki comes with an idea to get Doc back in good spirits by restoring his old robots. She also hears of Junna’s plans on leaving the club and isn’t planning on letting her go that easily, not until she gets her to like robots again.

Screenshot - 1_11_2013 , 8_20_00 PMLuckily, one of Doc’s robots is Gojiro-kun, so Kai can kill two birds with one stone by getting Gojiro-kun back in order while Aki works on Yoshiro. It turns out Yoshiro was the robot that fell on Junna. After she withdraws from the Club, Jun looks at a video of GunBuild-1’s operation that Mitchi recorded and has a realization about what Doc used to say about robots being people’s friends.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Kai and Aki gets Doc out to show him his shop with the robots he scrapped restored. With Junna operating Yoshiro-kun, she manages to reconcile with Doc.

Yay, happy end! ^_^

Yay, happy end! ^_^

After they let him back to the hospital, Doc requests to see GunBuild-2 once he’s out.

So many feels this episode. All’s well that ends well, right? Oh, wait…

Screenshot - 1_11_2013 , 8_42_42 PM

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