Pandora’s Tower is coming Stateside this Spring

Just recently, XSEED Games has annnounced that they will be publishing Pandora’s Tower for the Nintendo Wii and will be releasing it in North America this Spring. They teased it yesterday with this image.

With that, that completes Operation Rainfall‘s campaign to bring three Wii-exclusive JRPGs to the West. Nintendo and XSEED had respectively brought Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story last year.

I was just gonna stop crossing my fingers for this to get localized since the Wii is old news now that Wii U is out. Plus, Pandora’s Tower was the least favorite of the three games. But XSEED exceeded 😛 my expectations again. Hopefully, this’ll be another success for them.

So what’s next for Operation Rainfall? Get Square-Enix to bring Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, Capcom to localize Ace Attorney Investigations 2, and anyone involved with Project X Zone to bring that over?

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