Robotics;Notes #13: Judgment Day

Screenshot - 1_18_2013 , 4_54_06 PM

They told you this would happen.

You should’ve listened to them.

Why didn’t you listen?

The episode starts with Frau recalling the day her mom left to produce the final GUNVARREL episode, never to return. Apparently, she used to be a brunette, but still had the gravity-defying twintails.

The club members are still hard at work at building GunBuild-2. The AR works as expected, but the robot itself still needs work. Aki ask about Frau, who hasn’t been heard from in the past few months. We cut to her reading the internet’s reactions to GUNVARREL’s final episode. Aki and Subaru shows Doc the monopole and asks him if he can use it to build a motor for GunBuild-2.

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Anyway, Kai is still looking over Kimijima Report No. 4, but can’t seem to make heads or tails about it. Geji basically sums it up to a robot uprising. Aki asks Kai to convince Frau Bow to help them, but we all know that in order to make Kai do stuff, they gotta beat him in KILL-BALLAD. He eventually does get owned by Nae.

Kai goes over to Frau’s with food since she’s hungry, only not for food. She’s hungry for Kai’s fingertips. Frau has been looking over the leaked footage and found subliminal messaging in the video. She hasn’t been able to decipher it, but it led her to a webpage that her mom had when she was in high school. She had posted a message on the message board on October 4, 2015, two weeks after GUNVARREL’s final episode broadcast was cancelled.

Screenshot - 1_18_2013 , 4_45_02 PM

Kai goes to get Kimijima Report No. 5. The flags to unlock are:

1: Find Kimijima Report No. 4
2: The old Tanegashima Airport runway. Run from Point A to Point B in under 5 minutes.
3: Complete a lap around Nakatane Central Sports Park track in under 60 seconds.
4: Score a bull’s-eye shot at Chuo Tanegashima High School’s archery range.

Hooray for cheating! Anyway, Kai finds the report atop the school flagpole.

Screenshot - 1_18_2013 , 4_51_45 PM

This one sums up to the Commitee of 300 using the solar storms to create mankind. At his shop, Doc is loading out some stuff, but he ends up spilling some gasoline. The monopole discharging nearby causes an explosion, but he’s mostly unscathed. However, there still is a risk of it causing another one, so he cut it in half. Suddeny, a report states that a massive solar storm has hit the Kanto region.

Poor Saffron City...

Poor Saffron City…

Not only that, robots in that area have started going berserk. Meanwhile on Twipo, someone who hacked Frau’s account posts that she was the one who caused the robots to malfunction and leaked the final GUNVARREL episode. Kai goes inside Frau’s house and finds…



OK, she’s not dead or anything. There aren’t any visible cuts or blood on her, so I assume that she probably didn’t go along with it, if not in the process of doing so. Yep, that PV was not bullshiting. Things are getting really serious.

Screenshot - 1_18_2013 , 5_13_00 PM

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