Haganai NEXT #3: Nunnery Runaway

Screenshot - 1_31_2013 , 8_26_12 PM

If you run away from home but get help to run away from a family member, does it still count as running away? I don’t exactly get it!

The episode starts with Maria going over to the Hasegawas, and she has apparently run away from home. I say apparently because she technically didn’t run away. Maria got into a spat with Kate about always being a thorn in her side, which led to Maria saying that Kodaka wouldn’t do that, then Kate said “Why don’t you go live with him?”, and here we are.

OK, it's official. Kate has gotta be a stalker.

OK, it’s official. Kate has gotta be a stalker.

Kodaka already has to deal with Kobato and Maria fighting like cats, not to mention Kate constantly calling him to check up on them…

A quick glance at Maria’s chest reveals that she’s developing quite a bit, while Kobato’s isn’t. Which brings me to my next question: How is Maria developing faster than Kobato if they’re only three years apart?

Anyway, a few days later after Maria returned home, the club meets up and has a “Forget Your Cares” party, while Yozora does her best to exclude Sena. But this goes wrong because Yukimura and Yozora cannot stomach soft drinks.

I must've missed this...

I must’ve missed this…

So next up is a King’s Game. Aww yeah! But Kodaka has to keep the orders from going weird, which kinda kills the fun of the King’s Game.

First round: Sena is King (Queen?), and draws that “#4 has to put on a swimsuit.” Apparently, Sena herself wrote that, hoping that some poor sap has to fall for her ploy. Unfortunately for her, #4 happens to be Kobato. Also, the only thing closest to a swimsuit they have is… this. Yeah…

Next round: Yozora is King (again, Queen?) and draws “#5 has to say…” Something that’s NSFW. Hmm, I wonder who wrote that…

That is NOT language to teach to a 10-year old...

That is NOT language to teach to a 10-year old…

This is a weird King’s Game… OK, next round after that, Sena becomes King and let’s just say I’ve learned the King’s orders are absolute, even those to oneself. I didn’t know King’s Games can work that way.

Screenshot - 1_31_2013 , 9_21_29 PM

This was Yozora’s doing. After some more rounds involving in said order Kodaka baring his chest, Maria asking the other students if they perfer poop-flavored curry or curry-flavored poop. (Ew…), and so on, we reach the last round, where Sena is the King and pulls “The King and #3 has to kiss.” #3 is Kodaka.

Screenshot - 1_31_2013 , 9_33_55 PM

Yozora puts a stop to it, but Kodaka finds a workaround: By drinking Sena’s soda, it supposedly counts as an “indirect kiss”, as Rika puts it. The episode closes later that night, where Kodaka gets a call from his dad.

Screenshot - 1_31_2013 , 9_36_59 PM

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuh?! Where did this come from?!

Another fun episode; which is what I expect from Haganai. Although I gotta admit, although NEXT has failed to disappoint me so far, it feels like that this season has been juggling two subplots per episode. I’m not sure if the previous season did this, but here it kinda bugs me.

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