Haganai NEXT #5 & #6: Rika Keeps Changing Hairstyles

Yeah, genitalia matters none.

Yeah, genitalia matters none.

So it’s been confirmed that Yukimura is indeed female, and yet the Neighbors Club still intend to make her manly. Guess you want to turn her into like Sully from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Awesome game, BTW. OK, let’s just let her go along with it.

I heard that show was bad... Anyway, I like Rika's new hairstyle.

I heard that show was bad… Anyway, I like Rika’s new hairstyle.

Anyway, Kodaka sees Rika playing her backlogged games, some of which contains otomege (gal games). At first Yozora berates it, but everyone says basically not to judge a book by its cover and talks her into playing it. At first she starts getting irritated because it’s not to her standards. Also, she’s doing it wrong… She keeps leveling up her character and avoiding all the possible dates, up until she meets the brooding bad boy-type of character.

Kodaka was the last person anyone would expect to not understand what girls see in bad boys...

Kodaka was the last person anyone would expect to not understand what girls see in bad boys…

So Rika’s kinda pissy that Kodaka never bothered noticing her constantly changing hairstyles and goes back to her lab to cool off… or maybe to get a new hairstyle. So, back to Yozora’s game: The delinquent guy decides that he and In-game!Yozora should stop seeing each other so as not to ruin her reputation. Yozora chooses not to, but that leads to a bad end, where In-game!Yozora gets into an university, but becomes antisocial and introverted as a result. This was because she didn’t socialize with the other males. Either way, Yozora enjoyed the game after all.

A new day means a new hairstyle for Rika, but Kodaka barely notices this one. Turns out she used a special dye she developed. Kodaka states how her inventions seem lacking, which leads Rika to unveil her time machine.

So it's like the Time Leap Machine from Steins;Gate.

So it’s like the Time Leap Machine from Steins;Gate.

The machine sends Kodaka back ten years ago, back to his last meeting with Sora. As you know, ten years before the start of the series, Kodaka and Yozora used to be childhood friends under different nicknames: Taka and Sora, respectively. Taka tells Sora that he going to be moving away, to answer for Kodaka not doing so and not realizing that Yozora was Sora all along. Then things get… very strange.

It turns out Rika’s time machine was actually a dream machine, which leads everyone to wonder why Yozora is in a dream of a decade ago. In Episode 6, Yozora decides to come out with it and reveal to everyone that she and Kodaka were friends before the Neighbors’ Club was founded. She didn’t want anyone making a big deal out of it, so they never told anyone. Relations between the club members has changed none, however.

Anyway, the club is discussing on what they’re going to do for the school’s upcoming culture festival. Yozora seems to dislike school festivals due to the fact they consist of people that aren’t socially inept. Sena reveals that she was a big hit at some of the earlier festivals… for reasons other than what she initially thought. Perverted reasons.

I don't understand why we have to send people to Hell...

I don’t understand why we have to send people to Hell…

Ultimately, they decide to do something anyway. They think about running a maid cafe, even though they know nothing of serving customers. They decide to practice using Yukimura’s maid outfit. Rika practices by being all tsun. I’m telling you, these tsunderes.

That's $10.44. I could get four large cups of coffee from Dunkin' Donuts with that amount! This maid cafe sucks.

That’s $10.44. I could get four large cups of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts with that amount! This maid cafe sucks.

So Sena tries it on next, and the outfit seems too small for her. Really small.

Whoa, looks like Yukimura caught one of Rika's F-bombs.

Whoa, looks like Yukimura caught one of Rika’s F-bombs.

It seems as though Sena learns from watching Stella, but it’s actually from visiting maid cafes when not in school. She denies that, but we all know there was no way she would’ve known about the term “Moe Moe Kyun” if she didn’t.

Well, maid cafe is out of the question. They decide on fortune-telling. Yozora practices on Sena using the Barnum effect. She tells her to go on a roof at midnight and balance a bowl of water on her head, turn around three times, and scream “Sexy Beam” to increase her fortune.

Screenshot - 2_20_2013 , 10_29_07 PM

And she actually does it. Wow, P.T. Barnum was right. Anyway, Sena finds out and gets very furious at Yozora. No, seriously, it really hurt her alot. But she immediately shrugs it off after seeing Kobato at the clubroom. She was absent due to makeup classes. So they start planning on the fortune-telling idea and after seeing a book about birthday fortune-telling, Kodaka is reminded of Kobato’s birthday in the next week, and Sena thinks about throwing her a birthday party.

I can’t believe this show is already only halfway over. I haven’t even decided on what to do after it’s over… Fuck.

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