Robotics;Notes #18 & #19: Up and Atum

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So after months and months of blood, sweat, and tears put into constructing , we’ve finally reached the Tokyo Robot Expo. Nothing can go wrong.

…Nothing…. can go wrong.

So Episode 18 starts with Kai, Aki, and Mitchi arriving in Tokyo. They stop at the hotel they’re staying at; an actually fancy-looking hotel. But in the room Kai and Aki are in, there’s only one bed.

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Well, it’s not like this is their first time… Anyway, as you knew last episode, the Kimijima Reports have been distributed around the world. Kai hits up KILL-BALLAD and is matched up with TAGIRINGER. By reading TAGIRINGER’s moves, Kai deduces that Misaki is TAGIRINGER and is trying to figure out why she’s avoiding them, even after Mizuka was killed.

Look, I'm pretty sure that could've been prevented...

Look, I’m pretty sure that could’ve been prevented…

Wait, where are you going, Mizuka? Don't go that way!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??

Wait, where are you going, Mizuka? Don’t go that way!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??



Jesus Christ, that was a terriflying dream…

Obligatory Aki with her hair down image. You know full well Aki looks better with her hair down.

Obligatory Aki with her hair down image. You know full well Aki looks better with her hair down.

So, unable to sleep, kai and Aki spend the rest of the night marathoning GUNVARREL. The next day, the expo is about to kick off, and it turns out Exoskeleton, Co. is also participating, showing off a concept mode of their mobile armor, er… new robot called SUMERAGI. Ergo, that means Misaki will eventually be present.

Earlier before, Kai arranged to meet with Misaki personally to ask about Kou Kimijima and all things related. The reason why Misaki is acting so aloof towards Aki is because she thinks she can’t achieve nothing more than mediocrity, which is also why she asked Kai to look after her.

Anyway, as the expo gets underway, it turns out GUNVARREL’s bad reputation is still fresh in the expo attendants. Despite this, they still manage to impress some with GunBuild-2. Afterwards, Aki goes to see Misaki, who is wearing some kind of powered armor. However, Sawada comes in, pointing a gun towards her, and fires a shot…

But it turns out in Episode 19, the shots had no effect. Aki goes after Misaki, who has jumped into the SUMERAGI and starts destroying all the robots at the expo. She then makes GunBuild-2 half the bot it used to be.

It turns out that the Misaki they saw earlier was an AR image of her. Meanwhile, the last solar storm that Kimijima predicted has hit. Not only that, outside the expo is a life-size replica of the Grand Obelisk, the orbital elevator seen in the last GUNVARREL episode.

Meanwhile at the hospital, “Kagome, Kagome” comes up again as Airi sees Airi on her tablet… Kai is seeing images of the wrecked area on his tablet, even though nothing has happened. Meanwhile, the real Misaki is at the Tanegashima launch site with the Commitee of 300, executing Project Atum; The operation to create an artificial substorm in the Earth’s magnetosphere by loading a Black Home Bomb that they acquired from SERN into the rocket that’s about to launch. It turns out that the reports were made up by Kimijima to hide the fact that he is the mastermind behind this whole ordeal.

See this? Let this sink in for a moment. This is a sign that tells you genki is now dead.

See this? Let this sink in for a moment. This is a sign that tells you genki is now dead.

Kai runs back to where Aki is, standing near the wrecked GunBuild-2 and concept model of SUMERAGI. It turns out she put up her optimistic act to hide her self-doubt that she can outdo Misaki. But now her dreams are broken, along with her robot… 😦 Kai tries to pull Aki together so they can go back to Tanegashima and call Misaki out, which is very much unlike the Kai we know.

Mitchi comes to pick up Kai and Aki as they head to an airport that also has a facility run by JAXA. Meanwhile, Frau finds some more info about Kimijima’s connections who also funded the studio for produced GUNVARREL. After learning what they had in mind with the final episode, her mom tried to spread the word. Terrorists from the same faction with Misaki comes in to capture Frau, but Nae bursts in to wipe the floor with them. Damn, girl must’ve learned some karate lessons in the past nine years. XD

As Kai and the other arrive at the airport, it turns out earlier, Sawada gave Kai a package that he recieved from someone who goes by S_Braun (I assume that would be Nae). As they head to the plane, they hear a familiar voice singing Kagome, Kagome. It is Airi, who is trying to stop their efforts… or so we’re led to believe. It turns out it’s actually Kimijima, who used the same technology to create the A.I. Airi to implant his memory into her…

Screenshot - 3_2_2013 , 10_35_34 PM

So Kimijima is revealed to be the ringleader of this whole thing. Yep, this two episodes has been really off the rails. Here’s to next… oh, crud.

Episode 18 Endcard

Episode 18 Endcard

Episode 19 Endcard

Episode 19 Endcard

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