Haganai NEXT #8: Real Life Writes the Plot

This is about as SFW as it gets...

This is about as SFW as it gets…

You’re probably wondering why Kodaka is watching borderline French porn movie. Well, hit the more button to find out.

The episode opens with Kodaka thanking everyone for Kobato’s birthday party before brainstorming ideas for the upcoming school festival.

A new hairstyle, that's what up.

A new hairstyle, that’s what up.

They come up with ideas that consists of comedy routines, an exhibit, a magic show, a cat cafe (a cafe where you play with cats), and so on.  I didn’t know such a thing like cat cafes even existed. Speaking of the festival, it turns out the middle school is doing a movie and Kobato got the lead, but she’s too reluctant to go along with it, at least until Kodaka gives her words of encouragement.

This gives Yozora the idea of making a movie themselves, which everyone unanimously agrees upon. Yozora plans to write the screenplay and goes to the movies the next day to come up with some ideas.

So this is a tracksuit she bought in the previous episode as to go on with the boyish look. YMMV on whether or not she pulls it off.

So this is a tracksuit she bought in the previous episode as to go on with the boyish look. YMMV on whether or not she pulls it off.

Kodaka accompanies her to the movies and they go see a really risque French romance film. After that, they go to the cat cafe and surprisingly, despite her bitterness, Yozora really loves cats.

...She's got a point, you know.

…She’s got a point, you know.

Although, she doesn’t see herself owning one anytime soon, which makes her bring up Night, a stray cat Taka and Sora used to play with until it up and disappeared.

The next day, Yozora presents the screenplay and her cast choices to the club. Also, Rika is dressed as Kobato for some reason. Anyway, Yozora’s casting consists of herself as the main lead, Kuya. Hirotaka, a transfer student who used to be Kuya’s best friend, will be played by Kodaka. Sena as Sana, a popular girl who opposes them. Yukimura as Nobuyuki, a boy who admires Hirotaka. Rika as Serika, a girl who likes to troll Hirotaka. Maria as Mari, Kuya’s little sister. Rika objects to the casting choices for Hirotaka, considering Kodaka is the complete opposite of Hirotaka. Since Yozora based Hirotaka and Kuya on their childhood friendship, she figured only Kodaka and she should play the respective roles.

They decide on voting on who gets what role: Yukimura gets recast as Kuya, Yozora as Hirotaka, Maria as Sana, Sena as Serika, Rika as Nobuyuki, and Kodaka as Mari. Of course, the new casting choices means Yozora will have to make some change to the screenplay. Only it’s more than just a genderflip for Kuya. The entire screenplay was rewritten. And of course, Yozora basing this on her and Kodaka’s choldhood friendship, Sena up and says that that’s all in the past and that it no longer matters, and that really pisses Yozora off.

So Kodaka and Yozora step out of the clubroom and they talk about what is more important to them between the past and the present. The next day, Yozora presents a new rewrite of the screenplay, which everyone agrees upon.

And with that, they can finally get this film rolling. Rolling… >_>

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