Haganai NEXT #9: The Not-So-Engaging Engagement

Screenshot - 3_12_2013 , 10_43_23 PMRemember when Kate said this? Yeeeeah, that’s about to start making sense now…

As filming goes along as planned, Kodaka sees a girl near the finals score postings named Aoi Yusa, who is Sena’s classmate and self-proclaimed archenemy. She has beef with Sena due to her good looks, smarts, and that she has a balanced lifestyle and Kodaka as a boyfriend.

Yep. You sure do have a knack for attracting weirdoes...

Yep. You sure do have a knack for attracting weirdoes…

Kodaka heads back to the clubhouse to find only Sena there, as Rika and Yozora went out location scouting. When asked about Aoi, Sena doesn’t seem to know about her since she never bothered to learn anyone in her class’s name, let alone hers. Turns out she doesn’t bother with anything that’s of no interest to her, and when it does, she’s really into it, if her ceiling filled with photos of Yozora is proof enough…

Whoa, what movie is this turning out to be?

Whoa, what movie is this turning out to be?

Anyway, Yozora and Rika found their location. The thing is they wanted a beach, but settled with a playground and planned to use CG to turn it into a beach. Kodaka has a chat with Pegasus about their movie and his relationship with Sena. He seems rather disappointed that he and Sena aren’t dating.

Y'know, I was wondering to myself that same thing

Y’know, I was wondering to myself that same thing

Sena has a private talk with Kodaka about her dad thinking that they were dating. This apparently was caused by when he gave Sena the tickets to the amusement park and blurted out that she wanted Kobato as her sister and misunderstood that as maybe Sena and Kodaka were dating.

But it was only through this weirdness that Sena found out something between her and Kodaka: They’re betrothed. Their fathers set this up when they were only toddlers. But they just shrug it off because they themselves didn’t make the promise. However, it appears to be the talk of the school. Yozora does not take this well.

Anyway, Kate learns about the movie the club is making, which reminds her of a cult-classic movie called Boys Over the Slope (Sakamichi no Uenotai). Later that night, Kodaka checks out that movie and finds out where Yozora got her… “inspiration” for the script from.

Aw man. That’s a shame. It really looked like Yukimura was really into it too. I guess going by next episode preview they have to start from scratch with their movie…

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