Robotics;Notes #20 & #21: Super Fighting Robot, GUNVARREL

Screenshot - 3_18_2013 , 9_04_44 PM Screenshot - 3_18_2013 , 9_05_50 PM

So now GunBuild-1 is going to become a real giant robot of justice.

It turns out that Kimijima was the cause of the Anemone Incident. Misaki found out about his plan and killed him. However, Kimijima tried to blackmail her to get her to comply with him.

In Episode 20, Aki makes her declaration of getting payback against Kimijima for making Misaki trash all those robots by using her giant robot. It’s about the same kind of speech as you would expect from one of those hot-blodded super robot anime. Kimijima then turns the pistol to Airi’s head…

Not sure how a parrot is supposed to disarm someone, but whatever...

Not sure how a parrot is supposed to disarm someone, but whatever…

…but Taro knocks the gun out of her hand and she regains consciousness. Meanwhile, Mitchi streaming Aki’s speech resulted in Junna, Subaru, Frau, Nae, and Doc to assemble at the hangar and get GunBuild-1 up and running.

It turns out that Mizuka was the only one who knew of what Misaki did. As she pays her respects, she tries to commit seppuku in order to break free from Kimijima’s grip, but Kimijima won’t let her. Meanwhile, because Misaki’s group has taken over the New Tanegashima Airport, they have to use the Old airport.

Screenshot - 3_18_2013 , 7_36_27 PM Screenshot - 3_18_2013 , 7_41_35 PM Screenshot - 3_18_2013 , 7_41_49 PM Screenshot - 3_18_2013 , 7_41_55 PM

Apparently, they never learned to get out of the way when a plane is heading right for them. Anyway, it turns out that the terrorists took control of JAXA after they failed to raid the airport and Frau’s house.

The club begins to get to work on modifying GunBuild-1 to fight their SUMERAGI and stop the black hole bomb launch. The vice principal shows up, seeming to stop their operation, but actually to give them club registration papers in order to re-establish the Robot Research Club. Not only that, but they even have the school students and JAXA engineers to help them.

In Episode 21, Kai, Nae, and Airi go to one of Kimijima’s workshops to pick up a device that works with the N-IV device that Sawada gave him. What it does is induce attacks into Kai.

Mega Man baddies, the hell?

Mega Man baddies, the hell?

Kimijima and Geji-nee arrive with drones and surround them. Airi points out Kimijima’s drastic change from how she used to know him. Turns out that him uploading his consciousness online allowed him to continue his plan with no hesitation. As the drones attack, a glitch in Geji-nee’s programming caused by Misaki causes them to attack themselves, resulting in Kimijima deleting her.

Now THAT'S how you write a good AI loli character.

Now THAT’S how you write a good AI loli character.

Meanwhile at the airport, everyone has finished modifying the GunBuild-1, which Aki calls the Super GunBuild-1. Anyway, using an unmanned helicopter, they were able to gauge the SUMERAGI’s attack range. They intend to use DG297, a program developed by Sawada that acts as a replacement for IRUO. They’re also deveoping programs to disrupt the missiles and delete Kimijima, but neither have a 100% success rate, so they’ll need Super GunBuild-1.

Kai volunteers to pilot it, despite the condition he’s in, and use the N-IV device to induce slo-mo so he can anticipate the SUMERAGI’s movements. However, the device causes worse attacks than the usual and could put Kai’s life in danger. Meanwhile, the terrorists are planning to launch the bomb in several hours…

Should've told that to Masaoka when it was revealed he was Ginoza's dad... Damn you, Urobuchi, how could you do this?

Should’ve told that to Masaoka when it was revealed he was Ginoza’s dad… Damn you, Urobuchi, how could you do this?

Anyway, Kai lets it out and says he likes Aki. Not sure if he meant “Like as a friend”-like or “Love”-like, but I just realized that this is an almost-direct parallel to Okabe’s confession to Kurisu back in Steins;Gate episode 22, so it’s probably the “Love”-like we’re dealing with.



Oh, and speaking of Frau…

Screenshot - 3_18_2013 , 8_56_10 PM MuhOTP

Also, I think Subaru might’ve had a thing for Aki, going by his reaction…

And with Super GunBuild-1 ready to go, the club sets off to stop Kimijima’s plans once and for all. And with my OTP pretty much sunk now, I’m gonna sulk until the final episode hits next Friday… Nah, I’m just kidding. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Episode 20 Endcard

Episode 20 Endcard

Episode 21 endcard

Episode 21 endcard

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