Robotics;Notes #22(End): Chicks Dig Giant Robots of Justice

Yep, that sums up my reaction as well. With this, Inferno Cop, and Psycho-Pass done and once Shin Sekai Yori ends, there will only be an empty hole in my soul.

Yep, that sums up my reaction as well. With this, Inferno Cop, and Psycho-Pass done and once Shin Sekai Yori ends, there will only be an empty hole in my soul.

Haha, time for Robots… one last time.

"Mommy, lookit! There's a giant robot outside!""That's great, son. Now, come eat your brocolli."

“Mommy, lookit! There’s a giant robot outside!”
“That’s great, son. Now, come eat your brocolli.”

With only less than an hour before the Black Hole Bomb rocket launches, Super GunBuild-1 approaches the launch site, where Misaki piloting the SUMERAGI stands between them. SUMERAGI fires missiles at it, but Super GunBuild-1 uses AR Decoys to fool the missiles. Although the decoys do work against the missiles, Subaru notes that there’s a small chance that one missile could still target the real one. Ironically, that scenario does indeed happen as one leftover missile heads straight for Super GunBuild-1! Aki activates the N-IV device to induce Slo-Mo onto Kai so he can barely dodge the missile, losing its left arm in the process.

Meanwhile, Nae and her team, consisting of Subaru’s, Aki’s and Junna’s dads, go inside the control room to stop the rocket from launching. Super GunBuild-1 heads straight for SUMERAGI to get in a close enough range so that it can’t fire any missiles, but then it pulls out blades from underneath its front legs. Using Slow-Mo again, Kai dodges the attack and uses the Pile Bunker to damage the SUMERAGI’s camera and disable it. Afterwards, Kai tells Misaki to come out and tell Aki why she left. But it seems that Kimijima has full control over her and he pulls out a stronger, faster robot from out of the SUMERAGI.

Nae and her team secure the control room and starts to abort the rocket launch, but Kimijima has admin status over it so it can’t be stopped by anyone but him. SUMERAGI then makes an attack at everyone else. Although they manage to avoid it, the power source for the laser is damaged, meaning Super GunBuild-1 will have to run on a 5-minute long internal battery (Evangelion refence!)

FINAL Edition Version 2.15? There's only one person I know who has THAT naming convention...

FINAL Edition Version 2.15? There’s only one person I know who has THAT naming convention…

The club recieves an email from Sawada, saying that the AR Missile program to delete Kimijima is ready. However, it requires the tablet to be rebooted, meaning Super Gunbuild-1 can’t be operated, nor can Kai see Kimijima approaching him, until the installation is finished. As the SUMERAGI approaches Super GunBuild-1, Aki tries to reach through to Misaki long enough for the AR Missile to finish installing. Using Slow-Mo once more, Super GunBuild-1 knocks off SUMERAGI’s cockpit hatch.

With SUMERAGI’s cockpit open and Misaki/Kimijima exposed, Kai uses the AR Missile and fires it at Kimijima, deleting him and freeing Misaki, shutting down the SUMERAGI. Also, with Kimijima’s admin status over the rocket launch gone, Nae can enter in the abort commands for the rocket and bring an end to Kimijima’s plan for good.

Wait, you're deleting KILL-BALLAD? Noooooooooooo!!!

Wait, you’re deleting KILL-BALLAD? Noooooooooooo!!!

After the credits, Kai and Aki talk about how their proect to build a giant robot of justice became the hopes for everyone as JAXA launches a shuttle into space. I guess Kai implies that he was one of the astronauts, but it’s not totally clear.


And that’s it for Robotics;Notes, everyone. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I have. I probably might’ve set my expectations too high, considering Steins;Gate is one of my all-time favorites, but it was still a good watch in the end.

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