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Today the official Toonami Tumblr confirmed that IGPX will begin airing on Toonami April 27th! While the timeslot was not officially confirmed, one of the 2 episodes of Cowboy Bebop that airs will be taken off the air to fit IGPX in the schedule!


Also the Tumblr post confirmed that Tom 5 and the new Absolution will be making their official debut that day as well!

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Smaller tidbits in the post was the sad fact that Megas XLR is not possible to air still due to being a very different animal than how they were able to obtain IGPX.


Last but not least, the Tumblr confirmed we would get a official air date for One Piece in the coming month. Needless to say, the month of April will be a huge month for Toonami  and Toonami Alliance will be here giving you news and updates on all of it as…

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