Haganai NEXT #11 & #12(End): Friends, Ones We Can Depend On

Screenshot - 4_1_2013 , 8_23_48 PMAll good things must come to an end, and that means Haganai is gonna be done for now… I don’t want it to end!!!!!!! 😦

Wait a minute, didn’t I say something like this last time?

Episode 11 starts with Kodaka and Kobato entering the clubroom, only to find both Rika and their finished film absent. Kodaka goes to her lab to check on her and finds her collapsed on the floor with a cold. With the movie still unfinished, and one club member short for the first viewing, Yozora announces to have the screenings cancelled until further notice.

After a brief run-in with Yusa and explaining to her the club that Sena is in, Kodaka finds that Rika’s kinda cute when she’s sick…

Why are sick girls so contagiously cute?

Why are sick girls so contagiously cute?

Anyway, Rika’s getting sleepy and asks Kodaka to read her a bedtime story…

Screenshot - 4_1_2013 , 7_41_33 PM

…a really lewd bedtime story. Which begs the question: What’s a yaoi hole?

The next day, Rika manages to finish the film and screen it for the club memebers to see. And I fail to see how Kodaka thinks Kobato’s class film is better than their’s. I mean that was good too, but this is awesome.

Yusa bursts into the clubroom and starts her attempt to get the Neighbors’ Club disbanded. She brings up multiple reasons which Yozora shoots down, which includes:

  • Sitting around playing video games and such; That is actualy part of their club activites.
  • Students out of uniform; Which is actually permitted when club activities are involved.
  • Middle school students (i.e., Kobato) in the club; That’s okay since the middle school and high school are under the same name.

Yusa runs out of the room and then comes back immediately when she discovers that the club was formed under false pretenses. That is because Maria isn’t an actual Sister. She’s actually been assisting Kate with her work and she put on a nun’s uniform and have people call her “-sensei”, and they just went along with it because they thought it was cute. Luckily, Sena has her dad pull some strings and get Maria a position as a special part-time instructor and then gives a warning to Yusa not to cross them again or else she’ll pull those same strings to get her expelled. Yikes…

Speaking of which, after her talk with her dad, Sena actually wants her and Kodaka to get married, and for her own personal reasons other than their childhood marriage proposal.

Oh, no. You can't just "Hmm? What did you say?" your way out of this one.

Oh, no. You can’t just “Hmm? What did you say?” your way out of this one.

Episode 12 opens with the same OP, but with added SFX, kinda like the last season finale. Kodaka hasn’t shown up at the clubroom since then, instead spending his time helping out Yusa and Hinata with their student council work. It turns out that Yusa wanted to disband the Neighbors’ Club out of jealousy towards Sena.

She right. Harem anime has changed nowadays to the point that the protag can't just pick one girl without any repercussions.

She right. Harem anime has changed nowadays to the point that the protag can’t just pick one girl without any repercussions.

Hinata offers Kodaka a position on the student council. Kodaka declines due to his unfortunate delinquent appearance might cause them issues amongst the student body, but Hinata doesn’t care about that.

One week passes as Kodaka helps out the student council. It actually helped improve Hinata’s reputation. His, not so much. Anyway, Kodaka runs into Yukimura.

Keep in mind she contemplated poisoning her coffee last episode. She must really want her dead.

Keep in mind she contemplated poisoning her coffee last episode. She must really want her dead.

Yukimura says that the club is pretty much on the brink of collapse as only she and Sena shows up often. Yukimura’s only concerned with staying at Kodaka’s side, even if the club disbands, because he is her Aniki. And after more talk about yaoi hole, Kodaka gets a text from Rika, asking him to meet her on the rooftop in three minutes, or else she’ll broadcast her recording of his BL reading to the entire school.

He meets up with Rika, sporting cat ears. She’s wanting to punish him for running out on the club Kodaka using metallic balls that she can control using her cat ear headband. She calls him out on his total obliviousness. Kodaka admits that he’s not like some harem anime hero, but then he turns the tables on her by saying she’s been holding back as much as he was. Really powerful stuff.

Anyway, Kodaka manages to take Rika’s headband away, But she was actually controlling the balls with a remote. The headband does nothing; it’s like those Necomimi headbands, the ones that you control by using your brainwaves.

Later, the season closes with Kodaka gathering up the courage to go back into the clubroom, and finding only Sena there, though. At that same time, everyone gets a text from Yozora…

Screenshot - 4_2_2013 , 8_26_47 PM

Huuuuuuuh???!! Wait… What? No, it can’t end like this!! No!! Noooooooooooooo!!!

I never learned what a yaoi hole was… 😦

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