Photo Kano // First Impressions

Screenshot - 4_11_2013 , 7_56_03 PMI’ve dealt with far too many bad harem series in these past two years, with girls falling for the MC because they want his dick. Well, this one seems no different, based on what I’ve read so far…

Photo Kano is a Madhouse adaptation of the PSP visual novel. Prior to the beginning of a new Koga Academy trimester, Kazuya Maeda recieves his dad’s old digital single-lens camera. He decides to take photos around the school, which catches the attention of the school’s photography club president, Hiromichi Kudou, who offers him to join their club. But there are actually two photography-based clubs: A Photo Club and a Photography Club. The former is more recognized by the school since it’s run by the student council president, , but has very few members. The latter sneak pervy photos of the female students. Kazuya is stuck to choose between the two club, but ultimately picks the Photography Club. Eventually, Kazuya realizes that his new hobby will soon kickstart his boring social life.

Yeah, the premise sounds stupid and, believe me, it is. Although this wasn’t as bad as I originally hoped it would be, I don’t think I should let my guard down. We’ll see if my hunch is right in the coming weeks. What kind of school allows two of the same club, anyway?

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