DeSu 2 #3: Lilliputian Hitcher

What a douche...

What a douche…

Yep, Monday’s still a pain…

Using a underground train operated by JP’s, Hibiki, Daichi and Io arrive in Osaka. Meanwhile, Daichi’s using the Demon Auction to get himself some more demons. Can’t really get far with only a Poltergeist.

...and yet he still get some wimpy-ass demons. Gotta upgrade your status, Daichi!!

…and yet he still get some wimpy-ass demons. Gotta upgrade your status, Daichi!!

As they arrive in the station, they are greeted by Hinako Kujou and Keita Wakui, Summoners assigned to the JP’s Osaka branch.

Don't ask how Hinako is able to walk around in that outfit of hers, because I don't know the answer.

Don’t ask how Hinako is able to walk around in that outfit of hers, because I don’t know the answer.

While Keita’s out busting some demons, Hinako shows Hibiki and the others to Fumi’s lab, where she was last seen. Meanwhile, Hibiki suspects that Yamato sent them to Osaka for another reason other than searching for Fumi. All of a sudden, JP’s finds itself under attack from a mysterious cracker. Hibiki assumes that the cracker may be getting helped by a Septentrione, and that this is what Yamato sent them for.

As JP’s track down the location of the cracker, Hibiki and the others recieve an email from Nicaea containing a new death clip. This clip shows Keita having fallen to his death at the abandoned Festival Gate, which is also where the cracker is. They try to call Keita and tell him not to head there, but he’s already attacked by demons. Keita summons his Touki Berserker to fight.

Yeeeeeeeeeah, still a douche.

Yeeeeeeeeeah, still a douche.

During the attack, Keita almost falls to his doom and is saved by Hinako’s demon, Femme Lilim. Daichi goes to look for the cracker summoning the demons using his new demons, Jaki Obariyon and Ghost Agathion.

Screenshot - 4_21_2013 , 7_08_59 PM Screenshot - 4_21_2013 , 7_09_13 PM

It turns out other Summoners were supposed to rendevous with Hibiki and the others, but they were killed. Yamato decides to use the Almadel, a virus program Fumi developed to put a stop to the cracker and buy Hibiki and the others time. Daichi and Io go to confront the cracker, only to find that it’s actually Fumi, brainwashed by Fallen Botis. Botis destroys Io’s Ogre and throws her off, but she’s saved by Berserker.

Maybe not much of a douche. He's still tsundere, though. That can only mean there's some hope for him yet.

Maybe not much of a douche. He’s still tsundere, though. That can only mean there’s some hope for him yet.

The demons attack Botis, but he nullifies all of their attacks using Shield All. Hibiki and Keita decide to make a joint attack at Botis. Since Shield All can only nullify one attack at a time, they can deal damage to him. Meanwhile, Daichi damages Fumi’s console, putting a stop to her hacking. But Botis decides to kill everyone using Ziodyne. Keita pushes Hibiki out of the way as the attack strikes down. He then makes Fumi reverse Almadel onto JP’s before releasing her and leaving. As the smoke clears, it turns out everyone is okay, except for Keita, who was sent flying to his death from the force of Ziodyne. To make matters worse, another Septentrione is approaching the now-vulnerable Tsuutenkaku..

I know this is probably because I kept everyone alive so far, but… Man, fuck this. As much as I don’t like Keita, I still kept him alive. I was hoping that since he’s less of an douche in this one, maybe he would have survived. From what I’ve heard (and I haven’t beaten the game yet), Keita being dead here means the best possible route is no longer a possibility.

One thought on “DeSu 2 #3: Lilliputian Hitcher

  1. TheVoid

    It’s probably not even the best route anymore now that Break Code new scenario takes place after a canon route with the demons and desserts back.

    Also, anime Botis is a dick.


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